Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown Angry Over Negative Tweets About Sisters Wives

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown Angry Over Negative Tweets About Sisters WivesSister Wives spoilers and updates reveal Fans of the TLC series, have always had a soft spot for Kody Brown’s second wife, Janelle. They feel that out of the four wives married to Kody, she stands head above the rest with her intelligence. Asides from that, they feel that she does not create any unnecessary drama during episodes, which is kind of an annoying trait common with the other three wives. However, that goodwill was called to question as Janelle herself called out a section of the show’s fans for their hostile criticism.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Is Annoyed By Negative Criticism Of Sisters Wives

Sometime in the past week, the third wife of Kody, Christine Brown, revealed that it gladdens her heart to know that lots of fans get to have so much fun watching the series. Well, it must be more of the comical events she must be talking about here. For fans who have followed the show from its first season, nothing is endearing about the show. They feel that a lot of women will not feel empowered or inspired to achieve great things by watching it.

For viewers of the current season, it is a show that emphasizes how much of an idiot Kody is with his pompous attitude, intertwined with loads of dissatisfaction over his polygamous lifestyle. This he aggressively transfers in the treatment of his wives, with fans observing that he treats his first wife, Meri, with so much scorn than the others. This has made several Sisters Wives fans dislike Kody, Robyn, and Christine. They have no love for Meri as well, as they feel she allows herself to be constantly oppressed. This leaves Janelle, who is the apple of most eyes watching the show.

A lot of them are now wondering where she got the negatives vibes from as she goes about her things sensibly. Is it possible that she had finally become impatient with negative vibes emanating from some critics of the show on Twitter?

Sister Wives Updates – Janelle Brown Reveals Blocking People On Twitter After Rude Comments

The star of Sisters Wives took to her Twitter handle to reveal that she recently blocked some people because of their negative criticism of the show. She said she intends to block every one of the negative critics. This got her at the end of some fans’ backlash, as one fan responded by telling her that the behavior of the Sisters Wives family was despicable on the show more often and that she should not forget that fans made her a celebrity. Other sections of the fans were however more kind to her, as they wanted to know who could have gotten her all riled up.

It does make one wonder out loud- could this be a gimmick by the producers of the reality show to get better ratings? Janelle is not known by the fans to cause drama, so maybe the producers want her to drive traffic to the show by causing a stir on social media. Well, it has certainly caused some reaction from the fans.

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