Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Introduces Fifth Wife

Sister Wives Spoilers indicate that Kody Brown has taken a fifth wife. Kody recently introduced Bonnie Dwyer to Sister Wives fans. However, no reactions have been published from the other Sister Wives.

A Fifth Wife In The Mix

Sister Wives Kody has been struggling this season with his four wives. Kody no longer stays with Meri Brown. The couple does not date and admittedly does not sleep together. Kody states that he rarely sees Meri. Kody and Meri no long date because he stopped calling. Janelle Brown has told Kody not to come over because of Covid concerns.

Kody has been going between Christine Brown’s house and Robyn Brown’s house. Having two wives out of the picture must have given Kody time to court his 5th wife without much interference. How will this wife fit into the current situation?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Introduces Fifth Wife

Why A New Wife?

Sister wives Kody has made is plain that he wants more children and Robyn is not so sure she does. After all, Robin is the only wife young enough to have kids. Robyn has repeatedly said that she wished Kody could have one of these children that he wants so well. Kody has eighteen children already and Robyn has given birth to five already. Perhaps Kody realized that it is time to bring a new wife into the mix who can give him the children he desires.

Bonnie, who is younger than Robyn by a couple years, agree that the family could use more kids as well. However, at the age of forty, how many children do she and Kody hope to have together. If the couple want kids they may need to get started right away. After all, if they need medical intervention, Kody is not likely to go along with that.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Introduces Fifth Wife

Robyn Does Not Agree With Some Of The Family Decisions

Sister wives Robyn commented on Kody spending so much time with her. Robyn states that she has not been feeling good throughout the pandemic. Robyn questions some of the decision being made regarding the family and has lost sleep over that. Fans may assume that part if this is having to prevent the younger children from playing together. Both Solomon Brown and Truly Brown not being allowed to pay together because of the family separation on recent episodes.

TLC has not commented on Bonnie’s addition to the show or when fans will meet her. This could be because Bonnie is nothing more than an April Fool’s joke. When and if Kody adds a new wife, it will certainly be broadcast on the TLC screen.

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  1. Stephanie says

    These women have got to be just stupid!

  2. Shirleen Miller says

    This guy is a pervert. All his wives live in houses they can’t afford and are all in debt. He should be thrown in prison and get mental help for the wives. Shame on this TV statuon for broadcasting this creep.

  3. Marion finder says

    Their all ugly & gross especially him. All these poor children & this creep wants more. All of them should be arrested & I cannot figure for the life of me why they are not in prison. They probably get food stamps & government help.
    Please DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. If everyone supports no air time for them then you know for sure they are not getting money from your views.

  4. Brenda Schulte says

    He can’t support the ones.he has.They all need mental help. Can’t believe some of the trash TLC is.putting on tv lately

    1. Margie Wilkins says

      Ppl bashing sister wives..but I NEVER hear anything on the show Unexpected that’s on TLC. I’d rather know that the station is putting a man that just wants to have sex with different women and claiming God told him to do that and the women allowing it in my opinion being able to walk away at anytime and collect child support than seeing babies having babies

  5. Diane Szlucha says

    Sure these wives are crazy, he drives them to it. Everything is there problem if they don’t agree with him. He has them brainwashed and hanging on because of those kids. He should take the advice of his friend in Utah and be happy with the grandchildren. He spends money like he has a special tree in his back yard! Then again, they all make money from TLC so I don’t believe for a minute they are poor.
    Remember when TLC stood for The Learning Channel? Now it stands for The Lost & Confused, I think! ( I am Jazz, 90 Day Fiancé , My 600 Pond Life, Dr. Pimple Pus ……..

  6. Jodi Lincoln says

    TLC will do and say anything for ratings. I stopped watching this show long ago because he is a narcissist and I think they all need help. They certainly don’t need to live off of my and your tax dollars. He has enough kids to care for, he doesn’t need more.

  7. Sur says

    Really a fifth wife. Are they that dumb! Meri divorce Kody to marry Robyn so she could add her children on to the insurance……didn’t the kids have insurance before he tricked Meri to divorcing him? Who’s out next???

    1. Majorie Dooley says

      Evidently they don’t care if they are committing adultery also talked about Cody is just as guilty

  8. Meme09 says

    I’m pretty much stunned if kody gets another wife and if the rest of the ladies go for it.with all I have seen of as late on this show no one knows where anyone is going meri(who I love by the way)because if she has really left she’s the smartest one out of this bunch.kody had robin living out of moving trucks a d the other ladies i.d.k…much about.its been awhile since I watch the show and that was enough for me.kody who is post to be the man of the house to me is always missing in action and these ladies are the glue holding everyone else together as well as making the money in whatever way they can.kody to me is like a teenage boy in a mans body walking to all the “wives”homes and taking whatever he can get.(money,sex etc)he thinks because he gets bored with (wives,homes and so on)just get a new one or just out of the blue got to move…he just up roots these women and kids anytime he feels the need and its wrong.Kody needs to forget a 5th wife and start acting like a father to the many kids he does have no one with that many kids can spend enough time with them.keep it in your pants man.and fyi…You did Meri So Wrong and blamed her for your own behavior. You ever stop for once Nd thought why she even began talking to someone else to be cat fished?okay I said my part.goodluck ladies.

  9. MCLIFTON says

    I have an idea for a new show, how about 1 Woman with 4 Husband’s!! Let’s see how interesting that would be! Yeah just about as exciting as Kody Brown

  10. J newcomb says

    Cody can’t take care of the wives he has adding another wife is stupid

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  12. Eileen says

    Kody and the Duggers with 72 children. Real tv huh?

  13. Jason says

    I know he’s full crap
    Ignorant selfish creepy dude
    Not going say anything incredible stupid incriminating myself
    But you get idea
    But hey I like his idea
    He not one for it

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