sMothered Spoilers: Mary Cooper Shares Her Thoughts About Frank Canuto

sMothered Spoilers: Mary Cooper Shares Her Thoughts About Frank CanutosMothered spoilers and updates reveal that Mary Cooper is sharing her thoughts about her husband, Frank Cooper, in her recent social media posts. Frank passed away in November of 2020 and things have been quite difficult for her ever since. In her post from April 14, she spoke out about his death and there were even some of her fans that didn’t even know he had died.

sMothered Spoilers – Mary Cooper Shares Her Love

Mary shares her home with her daughter, Brittani Cooper and they are extremely close. They live in Florida together and when we saw them on the show, it seemed that Brittani and Frank didn’t have the best relationship. Brittani’s personality seemed to really annoy Frank and it was very clear when we saw them together on the show. Fans of the show hope that Brittani and Frank made up before he died.

In Mary’s recent post, she shared a picture of them together. She captioned it, “I miss you my love.” She went on to say, “This was one of the most incredible and most wonderful days of my life. We will meet again in heaven.” Many of her fans asked if he had the coronavirus, but after reading many different reports and the obituary, it looks like he was fighting cancer.

sMothered Updates – Fans Were Shocked

There were quite a few fans who thought that he had just died and were shocked to see all of this news. Mary went on to post more pictures of Frank and a couple of them even featured Brittani with him. In one of the pictures, Brittani is 11 years old with him and they look very happy. Her fans told her that they were sending her all the love in the world and hoped that her grieving process has been filled with friends and family helping her through it.

In Mary’s pictures of him with Brittani, she made the comment that he was such a good father to her.

We hope that Mary and Brittani are doing well and hope to see them again soon on sMothered.

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