Teen Mom 2 Fans Unhappy About Trolling On David Eason’s Daughter, Ensley

Teen Mom 2 Fans Unhappy About Trolling On David Eason’s Daughter, EnsleyTeen Mom 2 alums David Eason and Jenelle Evans started their “I’ve Got Something To Say” series on YouTube in December. There, the two MTV alums try and put their side of the story out about all the drama in the show. Actually, this year, David seemed to avoid too much trouble with critics and it seems he tries working on being a good dad and husband. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the trolls. But some fans grow angry when critics troll on his daughter Ensley.

Teen Mom 2 David Eason Last Got Bad Press In September 2020

MTV fans who stick with the show all know the biggest drama arose when David killed Jenelle’s Frenchie dog, Nugget. That ended up with Jenelle losing custody of the kids for a while. Plus, they ended up fired by the network. Fans also know that David was accused of assaulting Jenelle, which she later retracted. Their relationship, often fiery, saw them split, make up, split, and so on. So, fans started trolling on Jenelle for reuniting with him.

The last news that saw Teen Mom 2 alum David Eason slammed by the tabloids came in September last year. That involved the perfectly legal killing of a goat they raised on ‘The Land.’ However, 2021 looks like a year of new beginnings for the troubled couple. Now, Jenelle Evans makes the headlines as she launches her new podcast “Girl S#!t” in April. Meanwhile, Jenelle claims that she and her husband “communicate” a lot more, and things look good between them. David still handcrafts his knives. Plus, he seems very close with the kids. So, some fans don’t understand why trolls still slam him.

Troll Hits On Ensley, Gets Told Off For Child-Trolling

Teen Mom 2 alums David Eason and Jenelle attract more than their fair share of trolls. However, an unwritten code of conduct on social media means trolling on kids is the worst behavior. After sharing some happy videos of Ensley and the kids on his stories, David shared a sweet photo of him with his daughter.


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Plenty of MTV fans commented on how much she looks just like Jenelle’s mini-me. Actually, a few of them warned David that she grows very pretty. When she grows older, fans think she’ll become a boy-magnet.

However, along came a Teen Mom 2 troll who said something ugly about David Eason and Ensley. The troll talked about how they both look dirty as they “never bathe.” Loyal fans slammed the troll and one of them hit back. They said, “it’s one thing to talk about an adult but to talk about a child is not okay. pls remove yourself.” Well, the troll tried making an excuse about getting a “sense of humor.” Nevertheless, trolling on kids never seems funny. Do you agree?

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