The Blended Bunch Sources Think Spencer Uses Erica

The Blended Bunch Sources Think Spencer Uses EricaThe Bended Bunch premiered on TLC but not all fans fell in love with it. Obviously, the bunch of kids seems cute. But this story comes with more than just two parents and loads of mouths to feed. Fans saw that Quinn, Erica Means’ brother hated the idea that her new husband planned to adopt her seven kids. He also felt that Spencer might just find a convenient babysitter. And he stressed because Erica seemed anxious, overloaded, and panicky. But he’s not the only one who thinks Spencer just uses Erica.

The Blended Bunch Concern Rises Over Spencer And Erica

In summary, Erica married Tony Means. They produced seven children before Tony died from brain cancer. Meanwhile, Spencer Shemwell married Aimee. Unfortunately, she died in a car accident. He was driving at the time, and they also lost their unborn child. They produced four other children. The Shemwell’s accident happened in 2017. And now fans see him marrying Erica. They met via a widow’s support group. It seems astonishing to many fans that after such a short time, they joined the two families together.

Actually, that astonishment’s not confined to The Blended Bunch fans. Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball revealed that several sources close to the family seem unhappy with it as well. In her vlog about it, Katie stressed that everyone who reached out to her wishes to “remain anonymous.” She makes it clear that these opinions didn’t come from her. First up, she talks about how the sources think Erica’s a “wonderful mother.” Actually, fans already see that in the TLC show

Sources Feel Erica’s A good Mom But Had Some Strange Attitudes To Life

The downside to Erica seems to revolve around the fact that sources think she’s “very naive.” Plus, as a very dedicated Mormon, The Blended Bunch mom seems to have some “skewed” ideas. Katie dug around after discovering that Tony Means suffered from a rare syndrome called LFF that usually ends up with the sufferers getting cancer. It runs in families and can be passed onto the kids. Apparently, his mom died young. Now, four of their kids suffer from the same syndrome. So that means they require annual checkups for cancer. Therefore, it seems that when they decided to marry, the family thought she made a rash decision to have kids.

Even though Tony fell very ill, The Blended Bunch mom still tried for another baby which happened. And four of the kids now face a dismal medical future. In fact, Emma already has a small tumor in her brain. That is a big part of why the sources think she makes some odd decisions. It seemed that both Tony and Erica just believed that having the kids was part of God’s plan for them. But Spencer seems a different character altogether, although he also thinks Aimee’s death was a part of God’s plan.

The Blended Bunch Sources Think Spencer Uses Erica

Spencer Shemwell might be an opportunist

The Blended Bunch sources from Erica’s side indicate they believe that Spencer is an “opportunist.” In fact, as she spent so much time with sick kids and a dying husband, Erica probably felt lonely. And then he came along. The sources believe that with his homeschooled kids, someone to look after them seemed like a good idea. And even “before they were dating,” he would leave the kids with Erica. Plus, initially, she didn’t really get along with Spencer as he seemed dull and quiet.

However, Quinn might suspect Spencer uses Erica because in 2020 The Blended Bunch dad went on a two-week hike. And, he left the kids with Erica. So, that’s useful for him. Plus, he apparently pushed Erica into doing the show. And, sources think even if a second season comes along, she’s not sure if she wants it. Apparently, Spencer started a business, but it doesn’t do very well. So, maybe he sees TLC as a ticket to the bank. There’s a lot more that Katie covered. You can see the rest of the video below.

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