The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Kiara Barnes Exits B&B’s Cast – Zoe’s Future In Doubt

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers document that Zoe Buckingham’s (Kiara Barnes) future can now be questioned in more ways than one. Rather than just contemplating what might happen with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), B&B fans can also speculate about how Barnes exit from the cast will impact the role.

Zoe was introduced to the audience in 2018, with Barnes being the first and still only actor to portray her. She was Xander Avant’s (Adain Bradley) obsessive ex-girlfriend who trailed him from England in hopes of reviving their relationship, which happened. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) was later introduced as Zoe’s father and became part of a highly-charged baby kidnapping and sale storyline.

News that Barnes has been cast as a regular in FOX Broadcasting Company’s reboot of the late 1970s and early 1980s show, Fantasy Island, means that Zoe could be written out or recast. That decision will soon be seen, as Barnes has completed filming on B&B.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Kiara Barnes Exits B&B's Cast - Zoe's Future In Doubt

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Xander Avant Had Enough

Xander wanted to get away from Zoe. So, the nephew of Julius Avant (Obba Babatunde) and Vivienne Avant (Anna Maria Horsford) left his home in England and moved to Los Angeles, California.

Zoe’s oddness was revealed through her having a dead cat in her apartment and being fixated on Xander. But B&B began to normalize Zoe by having her and Xander reboot their relationship.

Eventually, Xander chose to break from Zoe a second time. That happened during the Beth Spencer (Madeline Valdez and River Davidson) storyline, when Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) was threatening all in the know to remain silent about Lope’s baby being alive.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Zoe Buckingham Is Engaging

Zoe’s appealing look and personality made her a natural fit as a Forrester Creations’ model. She’s been able to achieve personal success when transferring her runway demeanor into life in Los Angeles, California.

Fans recall the inside joke episode where Zoe and Xander decided to drop their natural British accents and begin speaking with an English accent, as is heard in the United States. Bradley was raised in the United Kingdom and has a natural British accent, whereas Barnes was born in the US.

Zoe’s run, following Xander’s departure, included a near marriage to Thomas and then a claimed fall into love with Carter. Saint-Victor’s character is smitten with Zoe or was.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Carter Walton Makes A Decision

Carter seems to have been softening in recent weeks. His thoughts about Zoe have lessened, as he’s had time to process her disrespectful play for Zende Forrester Dominguez (Delon de Metz) during Zarter’s engagement.

The current storyline could have Carter decide that he isn’t interested in reviving his relationship with Zoe. She could have a further falling out with her sister, Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) and then choose to leave LA.

Alternatively, B&B may have or will recast the role. In any regard, supportive viewers wish the talented Barnes well in this next part of her career.

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  1. janie b leroy says

    Good, I am glad she is leaving the show. I have never liked her from the beginning.

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  4. […] enough with the suspense, who is leaving B&B? None other than beautiful and talented Kiara Barnes, who plays Forrester model Zoe […]

  5. […] Everyone who knows Bill Spencer knows that this particular car was a big deal to him, and would wonder why he would want to sell it! Wyatt cannot help but notice Bill’s car is not at work and didn’t see it at his house either, and merely asks an innocent question about where the car is since he didn’t see it. […]

  6. […] (Scott Clifton) can’t believe his ears when Hope (Annika Noelle) tells him she wants to give him another chance and asks him to move back in. This […]

  7. […] The Bold and The Beautiful’s Quinn broke Eric’s trust when she manipulated his son, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) into a divorce and subsequent marriage to Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards). Eric and Quinn have clashed over her interference time and again but this time it was his son she messed with. Ridge and Brook Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) have been together on and off for years. Ridge and Brook always come back together and Quinn knew that. However, Quinn’s friend wanted a chance with Ridge and they made it happen. Quinn knew what would happen if the truth came out, but she did what she wanted anyway. Quinn has no one to blame but herself for her marriage woes. Eric just cannot see why Quinn can’t grant him one simple request. […]

  8. […] his father has insisted he must, then any future reveal will expose his crime, in not reporting Vinny’s death and Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) illegal actions, but will also serve to shock Hope […]

  9. […] his marriage with Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle) back on track since his one-night stand with Steffy. Bill knows that Liam wants to get Hope back. He does not want Liam to jeopardize his chance to be with Hope because of the […]

  10. […] is blissfully happy and thrilled to have Liam back. She even believes he’ll never keep a secret from her again. And now she has two men in her […]

  11. […] While Liam (Scott Clifton) and Bill (Don Diamont) have been trying to figure out how to make the cops believe they had nothing to do with Vinny’s (Joe LoCicero) death, the third Spencer man, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) has been surprisingly absent from these Liam panic attack sessions. […]

  12. […] Wyatt does not know that Liam and Bill are keeping a dark secret. Liam and Bill were out for a drive when they were involved in an accident. Liam accidentally hit Vincent Walker (Joe LoCicero) with his car. Liam wanted to get help for Vinny but he passed out. Bill decided to take Liam and leave the scene. Vinny had already died and Bill was worried that Liam would get into trouble because of the accident. […]

  13. […] Hope was with Thomas when he found out that Vinny was dead. She helped him to identify the body. Thomas feels guilt over what happened with Vinny. He had been shutting Vinny out of his life before his death. Hope has assured Thomas that Vinny knew that he still was his friend. Hope and Thomas have a complex past but they have become friends. […]

  14. […] rightly believes that she’s had enough time to process Liam’s moral crime. He broke their marriage vows. So, she needed to consider if love and forgiveness were enough […]

  15. […] Will Hope see that her husband is falling deeper into despair, she can’t imagine why. Isn’t he happy to be home with her and the kids? Isn’t this what he wanted? Why is Liam so jumpy and agitated when he seems to finally have everything he wants? […]

  16. […] years, everyone has witnessed the way Liam Spencer has been emotionally abusive towards the women that he supposedly loves. Sure, he might not look […]

  17. […] Liam doesn’t like Hope spending all that time with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). Not because he is jealous or anything. It’s not like Hope is a mannequin […]

  18. […] now Kiara is set to wrap up her last year on The Bold and The Beautiful. Fear not, fans who want more rather than less of Barnes: The soap opera star is set to go directly […]

  19. […] when Deputy Chief Baker arrived at his office. Katie Logan (Heather Tom) was there, with hope for a Batie reunion being furthered by the latest hopeful conversation this should-be couple was […]

  20. […] Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful will recall that Wyatt was confused and suspicious about why Dollar Bill sold his favorite car! Dollar Bill’s reason didn’t really seem to make sense to Wyatt, who knew that Bill loved that car as a child! Bill just made an excuse about someone making him an offer he couldn’t refuse for the car, paying three times as much as it was actually worth. But Wyatt is also noticing Deputy Chief Bradley Baker (Dan Martin) coming around Spencer Publications – a lot! […]

  21. […] B&B spoilers reveal that nobody felt sorry for Zoe after her seduction attempt and near-betrayal was discovered. Carter is one of the few men on the soap that actually deserves love. Unfortunately, he is always the one that ends up heartbroken and alone. […]

  22. […] a father and son night. Baker is not completely convinced but is investigating other suspects. He has thought that Finn could be the one to kill Vinny. Finn would want to kill Vinny because he almost robbed him of his future […]

  23. […] The Bold and the Beautiful actor can be seen in a film titled The Space Between Us. The film was put out for a limited theater run on April 23 and now fans can catch the digital release when it drops on June 15. […]

  24. […] The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that Baker will have some questioning for both Ridge and Thomas about Vinny’s death which interestingly enough will put Ridge on the defensive. Thorsten Kaye, who plays Ridge on the hit CBS soap, puts it this way, “Baker always thinks there is something wrong. When most police officers think everything is okay, he always comes by, eats their food, drinks their coffee, and finds a problem. Whenever he walks in, there is always something going down and somebody is guilty because that’s what they pay him for, to find the guilty one. So, he walks in and says, ‘There is something going on with your son.’ Ridge is not sure what he is talking about.” […]

  25. […] knows his wife. He’s also seen the changes in her since they’ve been married. Quinn is his staunch defender, which is just one way that he knows she loves […]

  26. […] Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful will recall that Quinn and Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) had gotten to be close friends over their individual romantic situations having fallen apart. They had confided in each other about some very personal things, him regarding his broken engagement with Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes), her about her broken sex life with Eric! While Eric was out of town on a brief business trip, somehow their friendship turned into something it never should have, and Carter did something more wrong than Zoe and he and Quinn wound up in bed! […]

  27. […] his son over the loss of his best friend. Thomas was distraught and vowed to get to whoever hit Vinny and then left his dead body on the side of the […]

  28. […] was at the wheel of his father’s sports car when he hit Vinny. But it was an accident, as Clifton’s character never saw him until the last instant. He slammed on the brakes and made a fatal […]

  29. […] plan called for the two women to hatch a plan to slip Ridge out of his commitment to Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang). They succeeded and in Sin City, Shauna was the next Mrs. Ridge Forrester. […]

  30. […] has been concerned that Zoe has put her trust in Quinn to win Carter back. She does not want to see Zoe get hurt. Paris wants Zoe to be with the man that she […]

  31. […] B&B spoilers reveal that this week, Deputy Chief Brady stops by to see Ridge. This isn’t necessarily unexpected. After all, detectives are still trying to solve Vinny’s murder. Everyone connected to the drug dealer will be questioned, especially if they had a motive. Several people were affected by Vinny’s paternity test result switch. Of course, the main people impacted were Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle), John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). However, their loved ones were also affected. So, Ridge was probably expecting Baker to come to ask him some questions. […]

  32. […] still thinks Quinn is on her side. She may be wearing a dress that looks like it’s about to eat her, but Zoe believes she is still in control of this situation. When […]

  33. […] Liam has already been haunted by Vinny. A projection from Liam’s guilty conscience had Vinny’s vengeful ghost confront him at Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) mansion during waking hours during the day after the hit and run. […]

  34. […] not believe her ears when Quinn (Rena Sofer) told her she slept with Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). As far as Shauna knew, Eric (John McCook) took Quinn back several months ago and they have been blissfully happy ever since. […]

  35. […] not expect Eric (John McCook) to return so soon and now she has to look at him feeling completely guilty about sleeping with Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). She never meant to sleep with Carter, but he made her feel sexy and like a […]

  36. […] Clifton then grew even more philosophical, adding a little weight to his message saying, “This is it, kid. You’re on record, now. Your life, your history, is no longer anyone else’s to narrate for you—it’s your story to tell, and remember.” […]

  37. […] was odd since he was the person who intimidated her, Xander, and Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) into remaining silent about Beth’s existence. Thoe’s wedding wasn’t realized on the big day, with Carter serving as the sympathetic […]

  38. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Quinn has to face Eric Forrester (John McCook). She already feels guilty about sleeping with Carter. Having to look her husband in the eyes knowing that she betrayed him will make her feel even more guilty. When Eric starts asking questions, Quinn will be in a tough spot. That’s when Shauna steps up and protects her friend. Soon, it turns into much more when Shauna pretends that she is the new woman in Carter’s life. […]

  39. […] will be devastated to find out that Quinn has cheated on him with Carter. He had been trying to get past Quinn’s efforts to sabotage Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. He may […]

  40. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Liam is overwhelmed with guilt over what happened to Vinny Walker (Joe LoCicero). Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) has taken extreme measures in order to protect Liam. However, Liam is having a hard time accepting his father’s help. He really just wants to come out with the truth and feels nothing will be right until he does. In the meantime, he is taking his father’s advice but his world will continue spiraling downward. […]

  41. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Carter is still in pain over what Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) did to him. He was in love with her and wanted to get married. Then to find out that she was trying to seduce Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) throughout their entire relationship was heartbreaking. Even though he broke up with Zoe, that doesn’t make the pain go away. […]

  42. […] Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful will recall that Quinn has made some egregious mistakes, and as a result, Eric cannot trust her. Not only that, he cannot bring himself to touch her sexually and the attraction is gone! Longtime viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful will recall that Eric is getting up in years, but nothing has been said about his going into male menopause or that he has any physical difficulties that a dose of Viagra would cure! […]

  43. […] Zoe likes Carter until Zende turns her head. Carter later learns the humiliating truth and has become involved with Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena […]

  44. […] Zoe (Kiara Barnes) is still sure she can somehow win back Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). After all, what she did with Zende (Delon De Metz) wasn’t all that bad and there’s no reason he shouldn’t forgive her, so she pulls out all the stops because there’s no way Carter found someone else, right? […]

  45. […] (Denise Richards) tells Eric that Quinn wants to be close to him once again and to give his marriage another chance. The problem is that he can’t […]

  46. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Quinn has gotten herself into one big mess. Carter will also have to answer hard questions and face the Forrester family if the truth comes out. For Quinn, Eric Forrester (John McCook) confronted her about what she said about not letting one night ruin her marriage. Shauna managed to cover for her and it seems that she will once again take action to protect Quinn. […]

  47. […] The Bold And The Beautiful’s Zoe has made yet another mistake. Zoe thought she had made a friend in Quinn Forrester (Rene Sofer). Unfortunately, Zoe put her trust in the wrong person and Quinn is now sleeping with Carter. Of course, Quinn’s husband has no idea what is going on either. However, both of them could soon be in for a huge shock. Zoe has no idea who is it but when she decides to surprise Carter, Zoe is in for a shock. Zoe is about to learn that Carter is seeing another woman and will demand answers. […]

  48. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Zoe tries to surprise Carter but it backfires in an unexpected way. Most likely, she helps herself inside Carter’s place and goes up to his bedroom. However, Carter probably won’t be alone. He will be with Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer). Since Zoe finds out that Carter has moved on but doesn’t know with who, we are guessing that Quinn hides underneath the sheets. […]

  49. […] (Kiara Barnes) couldn’t believe it when she walked in on Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) in bed with another woman, but at least she didn’t see who that other […]

  50. […] Shauna and Quinn have been friends for years. They have helped each other through many difficult times. Shauna has been trying to help Quinn with her marriage to Eric Forrester (John McCook). Quinn and Eric have been having trouble with their marriage because Quinn interfered with his son Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan Forrester’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) marriage. Quinn believed that Shauna would be a good match for Ridge. However, Ridge and Brooke stayed together. Eric has been upset that Quinn would try to damage Ridge’s marriage. Eric has not been able to be intimate with Quinn. Quinn has been trying to help Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) to repair her relationship with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor). However, Quinn and Carter have begun to have an affair. Quinn told Shauna about the affair. Shauna was shocked but has tried to make sure that Quinn does not lose Eric. […]

  51. […] Zoe and Eric will be devastated to find out that Carter and Quinn are having an affair. Zoe may want to get back at Quinn for being with the man that she loves. She may think that it would be acceptable to try to get Eric to go out with her. However, Eric will see that Zoe is not in a good place. He will want to help her in some fashion. Eric will need support when he finds out that Quinn has had an affair with Carter. Eric still loves Quinn even though he has been upset with her over the fact that she tried to sabotage his son Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan Forrester’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) marriage. Quinn thought that her friend Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) would be a better match for Ridge than Brooke. Eric will be upset that Carter has had an affair with Quinn. Eric and Carter are close and it will be difficult for Eric to find out that Carter has betrayed him. […]

  52. […] of The Bold and The Beautiful will recall that Carter and Quinn bonded over lost loves – well, sort of lost. Carter broke up with Zoe […]

  53. […] Quinn had been trying to get Carter to take Zoe back. Quinn wanted to be a friend to Zoe. Quinn has made many mistakes in her past. Quinn had been confiding in Carter that she was having trouble with her marriage to Eric Forrester (John McCook). Eric was upset that Quinn had tried to break up Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan Forrester’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) marriage. Quinn believed that her friend Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) would be a good match for Ridge. […]

  54. […] Friday, she tells Quinn to use the entire situation to her advantage. Zoe (Kiara Barnes) thinks Shauna is the woman who was in Carter’s bed so why not […]

  55. […] though Jacob is best known for his role as Jacob Young on B&B, he also starred as JR Chandler on All My Children and played Lucky Spencer on General Hospital back […]

  56. […] Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful will remember that even though Vinny Walker’s (Joe LoCicero) death truly was an accident, Liam’s guilt over his part in it continues to eat him alive. The worst part for Liam is that no one called 911 or tried to get Vinny any help, and had he not passed out, perhaps he could have tried to save Vinny’s life. Even if Vinny would have died anyway, Liam is not callous like his father Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). Liam would have made sure that Vinny would not have died alone and also made sure that every attempt was made to preserve his life. […]

  57. […] Shauna’s been single ever since her budding relationship with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) went to kaput. Although a romance between her and Eric was teased, nothing came of it. […]

  58. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Liam is continuing to follow Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) orders. He is doing the best he can but can’t help obsessing over Vinny Walker’s (Joe LoCicero) murder. He is convinced that he is guilty of taking another human being’s life. He wants to focus on Hope and move on with his life. However, that is easier said than done. […]

  59. […] to Richards, there is such a thing as a soapy stare, you know the kind soap fans, it’s where one character must stare as if everything is at stake as the camera pans in on their beautifully made-up […]

  60. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Liam is dealing with his overwhelming guilt over what happened to Vinny Walker (Joe LoCicero). Liam understands that Bill has gone to extremes to cover up the hit-and-run. However, he also knows that he can’t just pretend that everything is fine and move on with his life. Bill hopes that Liam can just forget about that night and enjoy being reconciled with Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle). For Liam, that will never happen until he lets go of the guilt. The only way for that to happen is for him to confess what he did that night. […]

  61. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Liam can’t handle the guilt that he feels over Vinny Walker’s (Joe LoCicero) death. He will try to make peace with himself by offering Thomas an apology. However, it just comes off as strange and doesn’t make too much sense. As Liam stammers and stutters to Thomas, it will lead to an unexpected turn of events. […]

  62. […] point that Brooke continually stresses is that Quinn isn’t the right woman for Eric. It’s not that she wants to reunite with her former […]

  63. […] Bill might not have been to most present father in the world while his two sons were still young, but he’s trying to make up for lost time […]

  64. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Liam promised to spend each day from now on proving his love to Hope. He is trying to keep that promise. Now, Liam and Hope have not been intimate since Hope found out about the one-night stand with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). That will change and for a short time, it will seem like everything is golden between the two. […]

  65. […] “The Bold and the Beautiful” isn’t the only soap that Gareis has been part of. She’s also known as Grace Turner on “The Young and the Restless.” She was part of the show from 1997 to 2004, and then returned in 2014. […]

  66. […] (Scott Clifton) is thrilled to be back living with Hope (Annika Noelle) and the kids in that tiny little cabin but of course, he is still harboring a huge […]

  67. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Carter is a fan-favorite character. However, he isn’t seen often enough. His biggest storyline this year was his relationship with Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes). Even though he fell fast and hard for the model, she was torn between Carter and Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz). Instead of being honest about her internal conflict, Zoe was engaged to Carter while shamelessly seducing his oldest friend. […]

  68. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Spears is returning once again as Justin Barber. As fans expected, he is going to show up just as the murder cover-up spirals out of control. Even though Liam hitting Vinny Walker (Joe LoCicero) was an accident, Bill fears that the police won’t see it that way. Many fans predicted at some point in this storyline that Justin would show up to fix Bill’s mess. […]

  69. […] Wyatt has been concerned about his brother Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and his father Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). He believes that they are keeping something important from him. Wyatt does not know that Liam and Bill have been trying to cover up how Vincent Walker (Joe LoCicero) died. Liam and Bill were out for a ride when Liam accidentally hit Vinny with the car. Bill was able to cover up the fact that Liam killed Vinny. Wyatt can see that Liam is worried about something even though Liam should be happy that he got back with his wife Hope. […]

  70. […] will never keep another secret from her again. Hope clearly doesn’t know her husband because he’s been keeping a secret for weeks now and it’s one she’d never […]

  71. […] Thomas may start to believe that Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) would want to kill Vinny. Wyatt is Liam’s brother. Wyatt could see that Liam was suffering from not being able to be with Hope. He knew that Liam regretted having the one-night stand with Steffy. Thomas could believe that Wyatt would want to get revenge on Vinny for nearly destroying his brother’s marriage. […]

  72. […] face it: Paris Buckingham is too much of a beautiful woman to be ignored. She’s only been in L.A. for a short time, but she’s already managed to […]

  73. […] (Matthew Atkinson) behind his back in Thomas’s apartment, that was nothing. Hope once again decided Liam changed and would not keep any secrets and allowed them to fall into bed together — or rather the floor, as the case may […]

  74. […] The Bold and The Beautiful’s Bill could get so upset with Wyatt that he blurts out that he is trying to protect his brother. If Bill lets it slip that Liam is in trouble, Wyatt is going to want to know more details. After all, Wyatt would want to protect Liam as well. Once the truth comes out Wyatt may understand the lengths that Bill has gone to protect Liam. Will Wyatt understand what Bill has done? Will Wyatt insist that they should tell the police the truth? Will Wyatt agree to keep the secret as well? […]

  75. […] Quinn projects bold confidence most of the time. But she’s ashamed of herself for what she did with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor). […]

  76. […] Hope has been clued into what Liam has done, Wyatt (Darrin Brooks) might be next. When he visits his dad and sees Dollar Bill and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) arguing he can also tell his father is agitated. When he sees Hope show up next, […]

  77. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Carter and Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) almost got caught. Quinn managed to crawl underneath the bed before Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) saw her. However, Zoe just happened to trip over Quinn’s jacket. Then, she saw that same jacket when she walked into the office at Forrester Creations. Her first instinct was that it belonged to Quinn, and she’s right about that. However, Shauna stepped up and made Zoe believe that it was her jacket. […]

  78. […] what did Steffy miss while she was off getting some R&R and having a peaceful pregnancy after learning Vinny (Joe LoCicero) faked the paternity test results and Finn (Tanner Novlan) […]

  79. […] many fans can recall, Wyatt has proposed to a lot of women in his lifetime, including Hope, Ivy, Steffy, and Sally. But it’s his proposal to Flo that might […]

  80. […] only thing this ex-couple would do is remain naked underneath the sheets at Wyatt’s beach house. But because of Covid-19 and strict social distancing regulations, there hasn’t been as much as a peck on the cheek for any of the […]

  81. […] continues to tell Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle) he killed Vinny including how Bill covered everything up. Look for a holier than thou Hope to read Bill the riot act. Instead, Bill demands a […]

  82. […] to say, now that Liam has made his confession, he and Hope try to figure out what they are going to do next. He knows that his life will never be […]

  83. […] Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful will recall how Brooke, Quinn, and Shauna were all involved in a fight over Quinn trying to break up Ridge and Brooke, in order to matchmake Shauna and Ridge. Perhaps that should be keeping Ridge and Brooke broken up, as they were separated and having disagreements over Brooke’s accusations of Ridge’s son Thomas being obsessed with her daughter Hope. Quinn had brought her best friend for years, Shauna, up from Las Vegas where they used to live and raised their children together as single mothers. She wanted Shauna to marry a rich Forrester as she had and connived to get a drunken Ridge married to Shauna in a Las Vegas wedding. […]

  84. […] Bill insisted that Liam needed to return to everyday life. He had to do it or Hope and everyone else would suspect that something was seriously wrong. So, Liam implemented his dad’s advice. […]

  85. […] Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) wasn’t the right woman for Carter. A touch of loneliness, past heartbreak, and fascination with her unique aura created the perfect […]

  86. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Liam and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) assume that the hit-and-run caused Vinny’s death. However, why would he walk in front of a moving car? He had to have noticed the headlights or heard the motor as it got closer. He didn’t attempt to run, jump out of the way, brace himself, and didn’t even hold his hands up to signal the driver to stop. Vinny was either dazed and confused from drugs, or he was literally a dead man walking. By the time Liam hit Vinny, he was probably already at death’s door. […]

  87. […] been a very long time since The Bold and the Beautiful fans have seen a proper wedding, funeral, birthday party, or heck, dinner with several of the legacy families […]

  88. […] B&B spoilers reveal that Quinn has found herself in a complicated mess. Feeling lonely and rejected by Eric Forrester (John McCook), Quinn gave in to temptation. As for Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), he was heartbroken by Zoe Buckingham’s (Kiara Barnes) betrayal. He was also feeling lonely, which led to “Quarter” comforting each other. […]

  89. […] Liam has been tortured since he saw a figure suddenly appear in front of him. That individual was LoCicero’s character, in what increasingly seems like a non-random event. […]

  90. […] is optimistic to believe that Hope will tap more inner reserves and forgive Liam. That seems like an extra stretch when considering Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson) […]

  91. […] Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) slept with Shauna? Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) can hardly believe it (and with good reason). Sure, he may have fallen for Shauna’s (Denise Richards) charms, but he is Ridge and he tends to do things like that. Shauna certainly didn’t seem like Carter’s type. […]

  92. […] B&B spoilers reveal that the murder mystery for May Sweeps featured Liam’s massive guilt. Even though he didn’t mean to turn Vinny into roadkill, that is what appears to have happened. We are still holding out for a shocking conclusion that will prove someone else actually killed Vinny. Liam’s guilt and secrecy were leading him to insanity. If he hadn’t finally told Hope the truth, Liam would have quickly spiraled out of control. […]

  93. […] Liam’s revelation took Hope by surprise. Yet, when she heard the full story, she realized it was an accident and Liam wouldn’t purposely kill someone. Hope’s whirlwind of emotions soon turned to anger when she learned Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is covering up Vinny’s death. […]

  94. […] father and his brother and Dollar Bill’s attitude stuns him. He doesn’t even care that Vinny’s dead and he left the body just lying there. He acts as if Vinny deserved what happened to him. Does Bill really tell Wyatt […]

  95. […] Shauna and Carter are not in a relationship. Carter is going to try to give Zoe a second chance. He is going to try to stay away from Quinn. Carter could decide to really turn to Shauna if he cannot make his relationship with Zoe work. Carter may not want to put Quinn’s marriage to Eric at risk. Shauna may find herself dating Carter for real. […]

  96. […] the end, he is a coward and he wavers about whether turning himself in is the right thing or not. Even Hope (Annika Noelle) told him she wasn’t sure if he should now leave her, Beth, and Douglas. Then, Douglas (Henry Joseph Saimiri) pulled on […]

  97. […] Well, he’s about to get them when Liam confesses to running over Vinny. […]

  98. […] since then, Liam has contemplated confessing the truth but Bill always stops him. “Lope” does consider keeping quiet, especially since they […]

  99. […] to the latest edition of Soap Opera Digest, Hope is going to take Bill to the task. But before Liam goes to the station to confess about Vinny’s murder, Bill will visit Liam and Hope. He goes to the cabin hoping to talk the two […]

  100. […] Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) finally thinks she has it all. After years of pining after Liam (Scott Clifton) and taking him back anytime, Hope (Annika Noelle) didn’t seem to want him, […]

  101. […] Darin went on to say that while the concept is certainly wild, let’s not forget that Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) had also slept with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) even though she was his daughter-in-law at the time! So could there be a chance that Wyatt and Shauna might get together? When it comes to this fictional town of Los Angeles, you can never say never. Of course, B&B fans will have to tune in to find out all of the drama that is in store! […]

  102. […] Wyatt is concerned about Liam and Bill. He knows that Bill sold his car. Wyatt was shocked to find out that Bill sold the car because it was important to him. Recently Wyatt interrupted Bill and Thomas who were having a disagreement. Thomas has been upset about losing Vinny. Thomas and Vinny had been friends since they were children. Bill told Thomas that he felt that Vinny got what he deserved because he altered the test results and had a criminal history. […]

  103. […] of The Bold and The Beautiful will remember that Flo Logan (Katrina Bowden) was recently hired by Forrester Creations, and she doesn’t work very […]

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