1000-lb Sisters’ Fans are Angry at Tammy Slaton’s New Addiction

1000-lb Sisters’ Fans are Angry at Tammy Slaton’s New AddictionTammy Slaton of TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters has a new addiction and it’s not the healthy type. The reality TV star told fans about the addiction during a chat but fans are having none of it. Not even one fan seems to support Tammy’s new addiction. Viewers of the 1000-lb Sisters are instead, urging Tammy to give all her energy into making healthier lifestyle choices that can help her lose weight.

1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton’s New “King” Addiction

Tammy revealed that her new addiction is a man she has been chatting with. According to the reality star, she and the man who addresses himself as “King” have been having a lot of interactions online and she can’t seem to get tired of him.

Tammy, who flaunted her interactions with the mystery man, explained that she wants to date him. The mystery man, who has not revealed his identity is only interested in women of Tammy’s size. He insists that for any lady to start interacting with him, she must weigh at least 300 lbs.

In his videos, Tammy’s latest addiction flaunts his body, dances, and talks about having the hots for big women. He states that he would have no lady that is below 300lbs, not even a lady that weighs 299lbs. He also added that thin women are not just attractive to him. The Slaton sister has been spending a lot of time reacting to these videos and flirting with the mystery man.

However, her fans insist that what the reality TV star needs for now is to learn to take weight loss seriously.

1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slaton Wants a Baby with her Addiction

Tammy reveals to fans that she wishes to have a baby with “King”. She also openly flirts with him online though none of them have confirmed that they are in a relationship. However, this is not stopping Tammy who seems to be having the time of her life as a result of the interactions with the mystery man. Tammy shared a video where she is dancing around and singing along a song the mystery man is dancing to in one of his clips. The song is about making a baby and Tammy says she would like to do that with ” King”.

1000-lb Sisters’ Fans are Angry at Tammy Slaton’s New Addiction

Tammy’s Family are Worried that She Would Die

According to a doctor, Tammy has only five years to live. Many of her family members are worried that she might die soon if she doesn’t get healthy and shed some of her weight. However, Tammy has not heeded any of their instructions as she is eating different things she should not be eating.

Amy Slaton and Chris Combs talk behind Tammy’s back about how they need to start preparing for Tammy’s passing since she has refused to lose weight. Amy talks about the burial plot their mother purchased for Tammy and how she (Amy) needs to buy a big coffin that Tammy’s body can fit into because of her plus-sized body.

  1. Desiree says

    She should love herself first before you put your heart and love to someone who never seen you before or even knew you just because you are a big girl that doesn’t mean that some men will love you for being a big girl love your self first and if you do truly love the man and your families then start helping yourself frist get healthy for yourself and then you can love the man

  2. Mary says

    Someone is feeding her to get that big. That person is quilty of murder. She probably can’t walk to the fridge

  3. Tanya Battle says

    I’ve noticed a lot of bigger women tend to settle because they’re just so happy that someone is interested in them.

  4. Denise says

    Tammy…I love watching you…I want to watch you for years to come..want to see you hold your niece n play w her…c’mon on girl, want to see you have a good life w a good man…not someone who will feed you crap but love enough to make you lose weight n eventually marry you n try to have your own child…C’mon girl..be a motivation for those who are stuck in a 1000 pd body that can’t see that shining light of hope…do it w them..for them..make it a weight loss episode when ur on..post weight loss weekly schedules on ur pages for a fee w the help of an expert n donate the money to a good cause…C’mon on Girl…we can do it!

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