1000-Lb Sisters Fans Worry That Tammy Slaton Is In Danger From Predators

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Worry That Tammy Slaton Is In Danger From Predators1000-Lb Sisters fans may joke sometimes about Tammy Slaton. While her sister Amy Slaton has achieved her weight loss and baby dreams, Tammy sometimes seems stuck in her current situation.

But 1000-Lb Sisters followers also genuinely care. As a result, some are expressing concern that Tammy is in danger. Find out why they’re so concerned below!

Tammy Slaton, 1000-Lb Sisters Star, Dumps Quincy For BBW King?

1000-Lb Sisters fans often turn to the social media platform Reddit to discuss their views on both Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton. One recent hot topic focused on rumors that Tammy has a romance with a man identified only as the “BBW King.”

Tammy previously was rumored to be involved with a man named Quincy. The 1000-Lb Sisters star reportedly decided she wanted to sell merchandise to her fans. She then found Quincy, who helped her create the store.

But there was trouble in purchasing paradise, with Tammy and Quincy accused of stealing the design from an artist called Ponychops. Meanwhile, Tammy refused to reveal whether she was actually romantically involved with Quincy.

Now Tammy reportedly has broken up with Quincy and even blocked him on social media. In his place? A social media personality who Reddit calls an “amateur pornographer.” Tammy’s rumored new man is known as the BBW King.

The “king” says that he will only get involved with woman who weigh more than 300 pounds. And in the views of Tammy’s 1000-Lb Sisters fans, the BBW King is a threat to Tammy’s physical and emotional health.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Worry That Tammy Slaton Is In Danger From Predators

Is 1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton In Danger?

1000-Lb Sisters fans feel that Tammy may have become “addicted” to getting attention. That addiction could make her particularly vulnerable to someone like the BBW King.

While her sister Amy Slaton has her baby and husband to encourage her to continue her healthy lifestyle, Tammy is alone. And that’s got her 1000-Lb Sisters fans concerned.

“[The BBW King] is not someone that she needs to be messing with,” wrote one Reddit commentator. “In no way will he encourage her to adapt a healthy lifestyle and he really just gives me the creeps.”

Some fans felt that Tammy should take a social media break and undergo “serious psychological evaluation and help,” as one 1000-Lb Sisters viewer wrote. “Instead, she’s eating her way into an early grave, and making absolutely no friends alone the way with her attitude.”

Tammy Slaton shows no sign of wanting to take a break from social media, however. And although some 1000-Lb Sisters fans feel that she could be at risk of getting preyed on by predators, others contend that it’s all up to Tammy.

“Tammy’s biggest obstacle is Tammy,” summed up one fan. “She needs addiction counseling and people to be brutally honest with her.”

Could her sister Amy Slaton step in? Well, probably not, according to 1000-Lb Sisters viewers.

“Honestly, Amy is too meek when she talks to Tammy,” pointed out one viewer. “I think she needs that brutal honesty, and for someone to just not play to her bulls**t when she gets an attitude with them.”

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  1. Darla says

    Tammy, please becareful that someone isn’t taking advantage of you. People think that star can be targeted. Please work hard at your weight loss goal, because your a very beautiful woman. God bless.

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