Bringing Up Bates Josie Bates is in Nesting Mode — When is She Due?

Bringing Up Bates Josie Bates is in Nesting Mode — When is She Due?A new member will be joining the Bringing Up Bates family very soon. Josie Bates and Kelton Balka are hard at work preparing to meet the newest addition to their family. On social media, Josie has been sharing sneak peeks of all of the preparations they are making.

On her Instagram stories, Josie shared a few new snaps. In one, she wrote that she was working on going through her clothes and “getting baby stuff ready!” She’s been posting photos and videos of the projects she’s been working on around the house as well. She just finished scrubbing the cabinets a couple of days ago.

In another snap, one-year-old Willow is sitting on a blanket outside with her stuffed animals, a snack, and a drink. Josie writes, “Willow sharing with her stuffed animals. I think she’s gonna be a good big sissy!” In a similar photo, the mom calls her daughter “so sweet!”

So, it looks like Kelton and Josie aren’t the only ones who are ready to meet baby Hazel Sloane. Willow is starting to think about her baby sister too. It’s likely that the young parents talk to her about her baby sister to help her get used to the idea. From the photo, it looks like Willow understands what’s going on. She’s certainly growing up quickly, and fans agree that she will be a great big sister.

A couple of weeks ago, Josie had a shower for the second baby on the way. She received lots of nice items and spent some quality time with her family. In her post, Josie writes, “So thankful to welcome baby Hazel surrounded by such amazing friends and family 🤍”

When is Josie Bates due?

Bringing Up Bates cast members Josie and Kelton didn’t reveal the baby’s exact due date, but they did share that she will arrive in June. So, the couple doesn’t have much longer to finish getting everything ready for Hazel. Fortunately, it looks like they are making some good progress.

As of Thursday, Josie is 33 weeks along. The baby could arrive as soon as within the next few weeks. Shortly after the baby is born in June, Willow will turn two years old on July 19. So, the sisters are going to be pretty close in age.

Fans are eager for updates about Josie’s pregnancy, and they’re excited to “meet” the newest addition to the family. On social media, the whole Bates family will likely post about the baby’s arrival and share lots of adorable photos of her too. Stay tuned for a big update about the baby very soon.

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