Counting On Spoilers: Ivy Seewald Takes After Her Aunt Jana Duggar

Counting On Spoilers: Ivy Seewald Takes After Her Aunt Jana DuggarCounting On  spoilers and updates reveal Jessa Duggar Seewald shared an adorable photo of her daughter Ivy. Ivy will turn two later this month and will become a big sister this summer.

In the snap, Ivy is sitting in the living room in her pajamas. She’s sitting beside a fiddle leaf plant, playing with some dirt on the rug with a spoon. While Jessa could have gotten upset about this, she has a great response. She writes, “Perspective: At least it was DRY soil before I watered the plant or she would’ve been making mud pies on the white rug. 😂 This vacuumed up without a trace. Count your blessings!”

One user writes, “She is practicing to work with her Auntie Jana in the big garden.” Someone else calls her a “little gardener in the making.”

It will be interesting to see if Ivy turns out like her aunt, Jana. Jana lives at home with her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. On the property, Jana has a greenhouse and keeps up with the plants. A while back, she gave fans a tutorial for growing a pineapple from an old pineapple top. In addition to her gardening skills, Jana is all about home renovation. She surprised her parents with a master bedroom renovation and also helps her brothers with their contracting businesses.

Ivy Seewald Takes After Her Aunt Jana Duggar

Jessa has plants in her home too, as can be seen in the photo, so it’s possible that her kids are already learning how to care for them. Maybe Jana has shared some tips and tricks with Jessa and the kids too.

Counting On Spoilers – Jessa Seewald’s fans love her parenting style

On Instagram and YouTube, Jessa often gives her followers peeks into her everyday life as a mom to three little ones. She shares videos of the fun things they do together. Fans have noticed that she talks to her kids “like people” instead of like they are children, and they think it’s great.

Some of Jessa’s followers point out that she’s doing a great job of letting her kids be kids. She isn’t freaking out over a little mess. One writes, “I wish more people wouldn’t fuss about messes. Life’s too short.” Another adds, “It is always important to keep perspective when parenting! 😂❤️ Love this!”

In the past, Jessa talked about how much she’s learned from her own mom. She sees her mom as a role model and uses some of her strategies to raise her own children.

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