Extreme Sisters: Jessica’s Ex Mike Says Nothing’s Normal

Extreme Sisters: Jessica’s Ex Mike Says Nothing’s NormalExtreme Sisters on TLC only just started airing on TLC and fans noticed the correlation between sMothered and the new show. Reactions to the first trailer varied. Some fans loved the idea of more people with super-close relationships. Meanwhile, others hated the idea of more dysfunctional and weird people on their screens. Now, a preview for the show introduced Jessia and Christina. Jessica’s ex-husband, Mike claims their relationship’s totally not “normal.”

Extreme Sisters Jessica and Christina Communicate Telepathically

In the teaser that dropped on May 1, the sisters talked about how they seem psychic. In fact, it came when they went for some holistic therapy of some sort. They claim that they pick up each other’s “energy” so there’s no need for words. Apparently, their mom involved them in nature and natural communication at a very young age. Apart from that info, fans also heard that the two sisters do everything together.

The Extreme Sisters duo married, fell pregnant, and divorced at about the same time. Well, it seems clear to fans that the sisters’ closeness probably interfered with their marriages, They don’t share the same house, but live within easy walking distance of each other. The teaser revealed that they spend loads of time together and the kids are more like siblings than cousins. Jessica has a son named Preston, aged four. In fact, Preston seems a bit confused, as he says they “got two moms.”

Preston’s Dad Mike Co-Parents His Son

The Extreme Sisters stars, Jessica and Christina seem to get along well with Mike, Jessica’s ex. However, he mentioned that they stay amicable for the sake of the kids. In fact, fans might think they seem like great friends as he and the two sisters got along so well in the teaser. Actually, although he collects his son for dad-time, sometimes the other kids also want to go along. Preston, of course, seemed super-excited to see his father.

Extreme Sisters: Jessica’s Ex Mike Says Nothing’s Normal

Speaking to the camera about the Extreme Sisters duo. Mike revealed that something’s definitely off with Jessica and Christina. In fact, he noted that it’s impossible to date one or the other. Actually, he believes that anyone who wants a relationship with them definitely needs to date both of them at the same time.

Not At All Normal

Asked by the producers if he thinks the two sisters seem normal, he responded strongly. Mike said, “absolutely not.” Then he said it again. In fact, he said “their relationship’s far from normal.” Additionally, he noted that if one moved, then the other had to move as well. He said the two sisters are “impossible.” In fact, anyone who marries them feels married to both. So that relates to why he got a divorce.

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