Josh Duggar Arrested: What We Know About It So Far

Josh Duggar Arrested: What We Know About It So FarJosh Duggar hit the mainstream media headlines on Thursday, April 29. He was arrested in Arkansas and held without bail. The Marshalls and the US Western Arkansas Attorney’s office said nothing about what the charges might be. Apparently, he will appear in court on Friday. Of course, as his original brush with unsavory activities impacted 19 Kids and Counting that might affect the Duggar family’s current TLC show. Here are the details so far.

Josh Duggar Arrested, Details Available

NWA Fox 24 reported that “he is being held at the Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville.” The arrest sounds quite serious as he’s being held for another department. Other outlets suggest that whatever the charges are, it involves a Federal arrest. Fox noted that “According to the U.S. Chief Magistrate Judge’s Courtroom Deputy for the U.S. District Court Western District of Arkansas, Duggar will go before a judge 11:00 a.m. Friday, April 30.”

Other details on the arrest of Josh Duggar seem very sparse, and likely remain that way until the court hearing. Of course, a lot of speculation goes on across social media. Liberal supporters on Twitter simply can’t get enough of the news that a Republican with a connection to Ted Cruz landed up behind bars. Meanwhile, others are all just agog as they suspect some sort of child trafficking or molestation might have happened. However, nothing came out that confirms that sort of speculation at all. For now, Counting On fans just need to wait and see what it all involves.

TLC Didn’t Respond To Outlets For Comments

Several outlets mentioned that they reached out to TLC for comments. However, for now, the Duggar family and the network remain tight-lipped about the Josh Duggar arrest. On Twitter, a few fans wondered how the high-profile arrest might affect the show. After all, 19 Kids and Counting ended up canceled after allegations emerged that he molested his sisters as a teenager. Replaced by Counting On, clearly, TLC needs to make some statement sooner or later. While Josh no longer really stars in the show, his family already suffered a lot of humiliation.

Josh Duggar Arrested: What We Know About It So Far

Previously, in 2019, Josh Duggar worked at a car dealership that was raided by Homeland Security. However, no hint that the two investigations are related emerged yet. In the same year, the Duggar family denied allegations that their home was also raided. Some speculation on the Internet suggests that the arrest might relate to the January 6 incident in Washington. However, people, take that with a pinch of salt for now.

Redditors and Twitterati Suggest That Josh Duggar Looks High On Something

A few comments floating around social media sites suggest Josh looks stoned on something. Then, others wonder about his bizarre smirk in his mugshot. Still, that doesn’t mean much. So remember to check back with us often for updates on more hard facts surrounding the arrest of Josh Duggar.

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