Josie Bates Shows Off Willow’s New Hairstyle

Josie Bates Shows Off Willow’s New HairstyleJosie Bates Balka’s daughter Willow is growing up fast! On social media, Josie often shares snaps of her little girl. Now, Willow is one year old and will be a big sister this summer. Shortly after her baby sister Hazel Sloane arrives, Willow will turn two.

Since the little one is growing up so fast, she’s into all kinds of new things. Thanks to social media, Bringing Up Bates fans can see what Josie and Willow are up to. Fans love to follow the young mom on Instagram to get a peek at their lives. After all, the family’s show isn’t only about them. So fans only get to see a little bit from each of the 19 kids.

Josie Bates Gives Willow a New Hairstyle

In a few snaps on her Instagram stories, Josie shows off Willow’s new hairstyle. She writes, “Willow wanted her hair in a ponytail today.” In the photos, it seems like Willow is looking at herself as the phone’s camera is on selfie mode. She has a smile on her face and looks excited to be a big kid with a new hairdo. In a couple of the photos, she has her mouth wide open with happiness. Josie adds that she’s “so excited about it.”

The mom also calls her the “cutest little girl in the world.” The little one seems to love being in front of the camera and isn’t shy at all. Maybe Josie will share more photos of Willow’s hairstyles soon.

Josie Bates Shows Off Willow’s New Hairstyle

What Else is Willow Interested in Right Now?

Also on social media, Josie has been sharing about all of the things Willow likes to do. In one recent post, she revealed that she can keep Willow busy in a very easy way. She writes, “Who knew the best toy for a toddler was a cardboard box 😂🤷‍♀️Willow is obsessed with them right now and wants to do nothing but climb in and out + color on it! I love seeing the simple things that entertain her.”

It looks like Willow is also excited about becoming a big sister and is always ready to help out. As Josie has been getting ready to welcome her second daughter to the world, Willow has been by her side. The mom thinks the sisters will be best friends since they’re so close in age.

Fans are eager to see Willow’s personality continue to develop. They think she’s already sweet, but she’s always changing and growing up fast.

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