Kelly Jo Bates Shares Scary Family Health Update

Kelly Jo Bates Shares Scary Family Health UpdateBringing Up Bates mom Kelly Jo Bates shared a new update on Instagram recently. In her post, she reveals that a family member is dealing with a health situation. Fortunately, it seems like everything is going to be okay. So, what’s going on with the Bates family?

Kelly Jo Bates shares update about baby nephew

Kelly’s sister, Beth, just gave birth to a new baby. Beth has pre-eclampsia, so the little one was born early. Though the update sounds scary, Bringing Up Bates cast member Kelly gives her followers a positive update about him. Fortunately, it sounds like both mom and baby are going to be okay.

On Instagram, Kelly shared a few photos of the newborn baby. In her caption, she writes, “My precious little newest nephew Bryson was born last week at 2lbs 15 oz. My sister Beth developed pre-eclampsia and little Bryson came 8 weeks early. Beth’s blood pressure took several days to regulate, but both mom and baby are doing well! Baby Bryson is still in NICU, but is getting stronger daily! I’m a little partial, but I think Beth and G have the most beautiful babies ever!”

Bringing Up Bates fans thankful the baby’s okay

In response to Kelly’s post, fans are leaving lots of comments and saying that they are praying for the family. They are glad that both Bryson and Beth are okay. Some fans are talking about their own experiences with pre-eclampsia or their babies being in the NICU. It seems like the Bates family, as well as their relatives, are getting lots of love during this time.

So far, Kelly hasn’t shared another update. Fans assume that no news is good news. Maybe she will post again when the baby goes home from the hospital or when the Bates family gets to meet the new little guy.

Health issues for a Bates grandbaby

While most of the Bring Up Bates kids and adults are healthy, one of Gil and Kelly’s grandchildren, Layla, had some issues early on. The little one had heart problems. Fortunately, the hole in her heart closed up and isn’t causing her any trouble now.

In the current season of Bringing Up Bates, Kelly undergoes surgery to resolve her acid reflux problems. Following the operation, she talked about how relieved she is to have the procedure done so she doesn’t have to worry about reflux anymore.

Whenever the Bates family members face issues of any type, they always have their fans to send good wishes their way.

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