Little People, Big World Amy Roloff Fans Beg Her Not To Marry Chris Marek On The Farm

Little People, Big World Amy Roloff Fans Beg Her Not To Marry Chris Marek On The FarmAmy Roloff from TLC’s Little People, Big World seems super-excited about her wedding on social media. However, it doesn’t look like such a happy time on the new season of the show. Chris and Matt get along okay and it seems Amy might feel a bit jealous of that. So, she now wonders if she should marry Chris on Roloff Farms’ property. Meanwhile, when she went live on May 13 on Instagram, fans urged her to marry somewhere else.

Amy Roloff Ponders Getting Married On Matt’s Territory

Amy already went off and relaxed with her girlfriends and enjoyed a “pre-Bachelorette” party. Actually, she chose her dress and her friends helped her out. While they enjoyed their trip together, clearly as the wedding nears she feels a buildup of anticipation. Fans really hope they see the wedding play out on Little People, Big World. So far, from the first episode and from teasers for Season 22 of the TLC show, they mainly saw her clashing about the wedding.

Amy Roloff got very snippy with Chris for asking Matt a question on what he thought about an aspect of the wedding. Meanwhile, rumors run around the internet that an “unnamed” source suggested Matt and Caryn never got an invite to the wedding. Well, fans know that Matt Roloff really hates “sources” who misinterpret things, so fans need to wait and see if the rumor comes true. Now that Matt pushes to buy her remaining share of the farms, fans think she shouldn’t celebrate her special day in Matt’s territory.

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Amy Roloff Fans Beg Her Not To Marry Chris Marek On The Farm

Live On Instagram Sees Fans Warn About Marrying On The farm

Amy Roloff went Live on Instagram and talked about all sorts of things. Well, fans know from the Little People, Big World show that she still seems extremely bitter about Matt. A lot of bad feelings clearly still linger. So, fans wonder why she doesn’t start her new married life away from the place that bred that bitterness in her heart. Conversely, in the live, Amy claimed that the scenes where she looks so angry at the beginning of the first episode, feel like “a million years ago.”

Well, it might make convincing fans of Amy Roloff rather difficult, as she certainly looked furious and sounded unwanted and unwelcome there. Anyway, she also revealed that she agrees she can’t hide her emotions as her body language gives her away all the time. So, that probably prompted fans to talk to her about not marrying there. It still remains obvious that there’s a bad vibe from Amy’s side. One fan wrote, “Love you and Chris… Amy don’t get married on the farm! Start your new life and marry away from your past life.”

More Advice For Amy Roloff

Of course, it’s not likely the Little People, Big World star takes advice from her fans. However, that doesn’t stop them from dishing their opinions. Another fan commented, “If you want to get married on the farm I would get married alone with Chris somewhere else and then redo on the farm for tv. “

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  1. Linda Terranova says

    Please Do Not Get married at farm You & Chris need your own memories ❣️Bad Omen. Matt gets his way Let them get married there. Your my special girl take the lead you don’t need His mouth ❗️ Chris & You screw them cheaters go your own way ! ❣️❣️❣️❣️God Bless.

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