Mama June: Honey Boo Boo Body Shamed, Fans Jump To Her Defence

Honey Boo Boo Body Shamed, Fans Jump To Her DefenceThe star of the Mama June reality series, Alana, has been the subject of recent trolling by a section of viewers who criticize the show. These people seem to obsess about her body weight with the same passion they used in discussing June’s disgraceful descent. It’s almost as if they think she is a cast member on the 1000-lb Sisters show.

Alana who is affectionately called Honey Boo Boo in the series has not been trolled by all the viewers negatively, with some of them genuinely concerned about her huge body size at her young age.

The surprising thing about the trolling is that it didn’t come from any pictures uploaded by WEtv or cast members of the show.

The Trolls Starts From A Photo Used On The Show

In the ongoing season of Mama June, fans came across a photo from the show that shows an overweight June Shannon. June confessed during a virtual interview with Andy Cohen of Bravo, that she had put on an extra weight of 40lbs during the months of the coronavirus lockdown.

However, she revealed during the short interview that she and her first daughter, Pumpkin, were more concerned about the trolling that Alana was receiving from some fans.

This section of fans trolled Alana on her entire physical appearance in their comments. Her family swiftly came to her defense with Pumpkin telling them to desist from bullying her younger sister. Pumpkin said that Alana’s weight was just like teens the same age as her and it probably was as a result of the emotional trauma she faced when their mom ran off with Geno.

However, there are some real concerns about Alana’s body weight at her age by another set of Mama June fans.

Honey Boo Boo Body Shamed, Fans Jump To Her Defence

Devoted Fans Speak Out Against Alana’s Weight Comparison With 1000-lb Sisters

Alana’s critics seem to forget that filming of Mama June happens way long before it is aired on WEtv. More often than not, most of the comments by her critics are behind the real state of events.

An online publication reported sometime last year that Alana was focused on her quest to reduce her body weight. She even uploaded pictures of her going through her physical workouts, with a lot of her ardent fans praising her for being serious about shedding her excess weight. They added that she looked more healthy in her pictures.

Most of the trolling comments came from critics who observed that Alana look just as overweight when she was seated next to her mom during an episode of the show. It is not certain but it seems that Alana has gone about her weight loss journey after that same episode.

The trolls annoyed one of Alana’s devoted fans to no end. The fan demanded that critics stopped comparing her with the Slaton sisters of the 1000-lb Sisters. Another fan said that Alana will most likely lose weight when she has older and that critics should stop worrying.

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