Married At First Sight Spoilers: Chris Williams’ 15 MINUTES OF FAME Are Not Over Yet?

Married At First Sight: Paige Banks and Chris Williams

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that this twelve season of MAFS has been one of the worst in the franchise’s history and mostly because of a cast member, Chris Williams.

Never in MAFS history has there been a husband who had sex with his wife three times, then told her he wasn’t attracted to her, then told her that his ex-fiancé was six weeks pregnant, then he wanted to work things out, to then telling her it was all her fault and he wanted a divorce. That is Chris’ 15 minutes of fame! Nothing to be proud of.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Chris Williams Is At It Again On Decision Day

In the Decision Day preview, production has made it look like Chris wants another chance with Paige and fans are really hoping it is just REALLY bad editing. The last time that Pastor Cal had a conversation with Chris, Chris admitted that Paige was the whole package, except for her face! Pastor Cal went on to say that this was painful for Paige and Chris’s next decisions have to be well thought it because this is not his finest hour and he has shown how little he cares about Paige’s feelings. Chris Smiles.

Married At First Sight Updates – What Actually Happens On Decision Day?

On Decision Day when Chris and Paige are sitting on the couch, Paige says “I do care about Chris and I do see a lot of admirable qualities in Chris,” and she has never been with a man that is so open and honest about how he feels. Dr. Viviana asks if they would like to stay married and Chris says they are undecided, to which Viv says, “I’m not ok with that.”

Just when MAFS fans think that Paige has seen the light, she is willing to go back to Chris and this toxic marriage. We know that Paige believes in marriage and her honor to God, but this man called her ugly and slept with his ex-fiancé just before marrying her. At this point, the two of them might need therapy.

There is hope though! In the preview for Decision Day, we hear Paige say “I am really concerned for your mental health.” Was she talking to Chris? Is this whole “we’re undecided” thing just production making us think they are going to stay together. We are all going to have to stay tuned and watch Decision Day see if this trainwreck finally ends.

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  1. […] Chris claims that he was diagnosed with General Anxiety Order which caused him to bury his feelings and jump from one relationship to the other. And, his outbursts on the show were contributed to PTSD that he had as a child. Keeping this mature and classy, or not, Chris said that he was promised a “9” or “10” and he didn’t get that in Paige. Also, Chris says the other cast members were cued on how to react to provoke him and he tried to quit the show three times and was not permitted. […]

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