Married At First Sight Spoilers: Experts RIDICULOUS ‘Jump The Shark’ Move


Married At First Sight: Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Dr. Vivian Coles

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Erik Lake, a 34-year-old pilot, and Virginia Coombs, a 26-year-old Account Coordinator were married on MAFS in season 12. Aside from the big differences between the two, their obvious age gap, the fact that she is still full-on party mode, loves to drink and pass out on her male friends’ couches, and he acts like an old man, there is the worst of things, and the experts knew about it before they matched them!

Married At First Sight Spoilers – MAFS Jumped The Shark

Putting all other differences aside with Erik and Virginia, how did the experts actually think that these two could live a happy life together when Virginia adores her beloved cats and Erik is “allergic” to them? That one fact alone makes these two incompatible. What is Virginia supposed to do, get rid of her babies who she admitted have given her emotional support, just to staying married to Erik?

All the experts had to do is have a simple yes/no checklist and that will remove these incompatible deal-breakers and give the couples a fighting chance. Ratings for MAFS are at an all-time high, obviously more drama sells and the franchise may just keep doing what it is doing, as long as it brings in the big bucks. The experts are missing a whole lot of red flags, but I guess it does make for good TV, sadly.

Married At First Sight Updates – What Does The Future Hold for Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs?

There are certainly a lot of rumors swirling about these two but the majority do say that the couple stays together on Decision Day, but by the time the Reunion Show rolls around, they are broken up.

Sadly, these two don’t have anything but a strong physical attraction to hold these two together. Virginia wants to party all night long, not move into Erik’s condo, not get rid of her fur babies, and does not want children right away. Erik would rather chill at home and play Monopoly than going out, live in his fancy condo and not Virginia’s “shabby” apartment, send the cats to animal control and have his own babies as soon as possible.

Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Vivian Coles come off as intelligent and compassionate on MAFS. This season it really looks like they choose which people would be on the show, but the producers made the matches based on a desperate grab for ratings.

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