Married At First Sight Spoilers: Is Pastor Dwight A Chris Williams 2.0?

Married At First Sight: Paige Banks and Chris Williams and Pastor Dwight

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that fans are not happy about Pastor Dwight busting into the reunion show to explain why he went behind his friend, Chris Williams’ back to speak to Paige Banks who he was matched with on season 12 of MAFS. As attractive as Pastor Dwight appears, they believe he is clearly fame-hungry and part of Chris’s inner circle.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

It’s very strange that both Chris and Pastor Dwight were almost wearing the same plaid suit on the Reunion show. And what is the broach that they both wear on their lapels? They looked like two used car salesman and fans are thinking they are the same, “it seems like he’s on the same level as Chris but can throw on the pastor-mask to distract from his narcissism.”

Married At First Sight Updates – Pastor Dwight Crashes The Reunion Show

Host of MAFS’s Reunion show, Kevin Frazier, forced a confrontation between Chris and his “former” friend, Pastor Dwight, and Chris was not happy about it because he felt that Pastor Dwight went behind his back when he met up with Paige during the MAFS process.

You see, a few episodes ago Chris walked off from Pastor Dwight when he said that Paige was a diamond and should be treated like it. This is what led Pastor Dwight to meet up with Paige in a coffee shop. Chris felt that his friend should have told him prior to his meeting his then-wife. Dwight claimed to have met her in a spiritual sense only to be a mentor because he loved Chris.

But, Chris didn’t buy it and they got into an argument. Pastor Dwight told Kevin that Chris doesn’t like correction and that is when Chris started swearing and the beeps started. Chris cussed Pastor Dright out, “F-CK you! If you’ve got an issue, come out to the m-ther f-cking parking lot. If you’ve got a f-cking problem, come to the m-therf-cking parking lot right now!” Yikes, no class. Kevin had to tell Chris to calm down, he even raised his voice a bit.

What do you think? Could these two “friends” just be acting to get fame and fortune? Is Pasto Dwight a Chris 2.0, or is he sincerely a good friend that is trying to help out?

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  1. Sungal says

    Chris should be matched up with the devil…what a terrible person he is…never should have been brought back…Paige should have had the chance to pick another guy…all Chris did was ruin her chances….he is a monster…my guess his gal friend was never pregnant..and he wanted out….a user for sure…run Paige run…find a nice guy..l

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