Married At First Sight Spoilers: Mercedes Myrick Admits Storyline Is Scripted?

Married At First Sight: Mercedes Myrick

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Mercedes Myrick got her 15 minutes of fame when in a shocking MAFS “first” she was included in the MAFS episode alongside Chris Williams when he claimed that she was six weeks pregnant with his child. The scandal was covered for more than three-quarters of the season and ended up with Paige Banks, Chris’s wife, asking for a divorce.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Mercedes Myrick Says Storyline Was Partially Scripted?

Fans on Reddit say that they reached out to Chris’s ex-fiancé and she admitted that the MAFS storyline that included her, was partially scripted. The question fans are left with is, which part was scripted?

Married At First Sight Updates – Was The Pregnancy Scripted?

A lot of fans believe that the whole pregnancy was scripted, one said, “I think the whole pregnancy was fake. The giveaway: she said she was 6 weeks pregnant 6 weeks after the last time they were intimate. That’s not how that works. Also, they said something about the doctor pushing the ultrasound off. You ultrasound at like 8 weeks to make sure it’s not an empty sac or ectopic. I don’t think that was scripted by the producers though I think that was just ¢hris and Mercedes. The meeting between Paige and Mercedes was for sure scripted. I also think every time Chris and Paige met up was scripted, I don’t think he actually called her and said “let’s go play pool,” and another, “I’m going, to be honest, I don’t think the pregnancy was ever real. I think they used that as a way to get Chris off the show without having to pay whatever massive fines the show charges for quitting but the show wouldn’t let him off the hook. Then the miscarriage came to get him sympathy at the end.”

Basically, the whole situation from the start didn’t seem kosher. Chris disappeared on the morning after the wedding for two hours, he told Paige about the pregnancy, slept with Paige already three times, told Paige that he was unattracted to her after they had sex, told Pastor Cal that Paige’s face was ugly, strung her along until D Day, lead her to say no while he said yes so he looks like the hero, collect all his MAFS money and boost his social media profile for business purposes. Sounds like a farce from the beginning to the end.

We don’t know if Mercedes was really pregnant, or if she miscarried, if she did, it would have been horrible for her. What do you think? Do you think Mercedes and Chris concocted this whole storyline to get their 15 minutes of fame?

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