Married At First Sight Spoilers: Should Briana Just Run As Fast As She Can?

Married At First Sight: Vincent Morales and Briana Miles

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Vincent Morales, the 28-year-old Auto Broker married Briana Miles, the 28-year-old Engineer on MAFS season 12. At first, these two appeared to be pretty good with each other, until Vincent’s severe insecurities started to show.

Vincent hasn’t figured out how to handle his getting upset, he has shown fans that he is very emotionally immature. When it comes down to it, Vincent appears to be threatened by Brianna who is independent, smart, and successful. Since the whole “Champagne Vinny” incident, Briana has been walking on eggshells.

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Vincent has admitted that his last fiancé “didn’t support him,” but fans think that what happened is that she didn’t treat feed into his childish tantrums. Brianna is a very intelligent woman and it is not going to take long for her to realize that Vincent is only going to pull her down. MAFS found a real diamond with Briana, she deserves so much more than what Vincent has shown that he can give her.

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Poor Brianna, she is dealing with Vincent’s being emotionally unstable, but to have to deal with a temper too! Brianna should run as fast as she can, away from Vincent. He is always finding problems with her and eventually, he is going to zap that spark right out of her. Vincent wants to be an assertive and macho husband, but instead, he comes across as an insecure little boy.

Brianna does seem to really like Vincent though and hope for her sake when the cameras turn off, Vincent won’t be as sensitive. After all, we all know that a lot of the drama is forced with the help of editing. We really think that Vincent and Briana are one of the couples who have the most chance at making it. They both just need to compromise and communicate more. Vincent had a melt-down at the dance class, but he did get on the horse. So maybe, there is hope for these two after all.

What do you think, is there hope for Vincent and Briana? Do you see that if Vincent were more assertive and confident in himself, their relationship would be more playful and there would be a lot fewer tantrums?

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