My 600-Lb Life Made Dr. Nowzaradan Famous: Where Is He Today?

My 600-Lb Life Made Dr. Nowzaradan Famous: Where Is He Today?Reality TV shows such as My 600-Lb Life can transform people’s lives. Such was the case for Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, on the popular TLC show.

The Iranian-American surgeon quickly soared from obscurity to fame. As a result of My 600-Lb Life, Dr. Now became an author and reality TV star.

Dr. Now’s trademark determination as he guided obese contestants on My 600-Lb Life fascinated viewers. So where is Dr. Now today? Step inside his life below.

My 600-Lb Life Star Dr. Nowzaradan Turns to Instagram

When the My 600-Lb Life cameras stopped filming Dr. Now, the surgeon turned to Instagram to turn the spotlight on his passion for weight loss. And for fans who thought something might have happened to the 76-year-old physician, Dr. Now is sending a message: He’s alive, well, and still determined to get out the message: “The Scale Does Not Lie, People Do.”

Dr. Now’s social media consists of his own quotes about weight loss. The obesity specialist continues to seek to encourage his followers to take charge of their health by losing weight.

“What lifestyle changes are you making for this new year ahead?” Dr. Now wrote in one post just prior to New Year’s Eve. “Food plays a significant role in our life, but we must manage it through lifestyle changes without allowing it to control us.”

His favorite hashtags include “#weightloss #food #obesity #bariatricsurgery #drnowmd #drnowzaradan #lifestyle #health #wellness #newyeargoals.”

Dr. Now of My 600-Lb Life Fame Responds To Death Rumors

The My 600-Lb Life star also has learned that fame comes at a cost: Strange rumors. Dr. Now proved no exception, and was recently forced to respond to allegations that something had happened to him.

On April 23, the My 600-Lb Life star learned that his office had received phone calls fearing that Dr. Now had died! Amid his medical work, Dr. Now took time to stop and post a response on Instagram.

My 600-Lb Life Made Dr. Nowzaradan Famous: Where Is He Today?

“Thank you for the outpouring of concern!” wrote Dr. Now in a social media post. 🥰 I am definitely alive and well and still working to reverse obesity. Today I am doing surgery and my office has informed me we have received many calls asking about me since there are false headlines & rumors of my passing.”

Ouch. The My 600-Lb Life quickly reassured his fans that all the rumors were fake.

“I can assure you these headlines are false,” emphasized Dr. Now. “In fact, there are many false headlines out there about me, but these are the common tides we navigate and one must keep doing the work we are meant to do. Please spread the word to ensure to truth prevails. Take care #drnowmd #drnowzaradan #my600lblife #weightlosssurgery #reversingobesity.”

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