My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Which Stars Wins For Biggest Weight Loss Success Story?

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Which Stars Wins For Biggest Weight Loss Success Story?My 600-Lb Life spoilers and updates reveal contestants enter a brave new world, where losing is winning. And as viewers have discovered from watching the popular reality TV show, weight loss on My 600-Lb requires determination and consistency.

Ever wondered which contestants on My 600-Lb Life have achieved the biggest weight loss success stories? Get the skinny below.

My 600-Lb Life Winners: What Does It Take To Qualify For Weight Loss Surgery?

My 600-Lb Life viewers have noticed that contestants often think acceptance to the show means instant gratification. As a result, many My 600-Lb Life participants visit the surgeon assuming they will qualify for weight loss surgery immediately. Wrong.

Weight-loss surgeons require patients to demonstrate they can follow their diet rules prior to undergoing the procedure. But that requirement always seems to come as a shock.

My 600-Lb Life Reddit commentator even questioned the inevitable surprise that contestants display when they learn they have to follow a diet prior to surgery.

“Why do every one of these people assume that by showing up at Dr. Now’s office they will be approved for weight loss surgery?” asked the My 600-Lb Life fan. “They all seem so shocked and offended when he tells them to go home and lose weight after that first appointment. I really don’t get it, especially considering how long the show has been on.”

Others noticed that contestants seem shocked when the physician criticizes them for losing insignificant amounts of weight.

“I barely eat, the scale is lying, Dr. Now,” one My 600-Lb Life fan quoted a contestant.

However, the weight-loss surgeon has repeatedly stated that the “scale doesn’t lie.” In order to be accepted for the procedure, participants must follow the diet. And yes, the scale does reveal whether contestants follow those guidelines or cheat!

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Which Stars Wins For Biggest Weight Loss Success Story?

My 600-Life Success Stories

But viewers of My 600-Lb Life also know that for contestants who follow the rules, success results! My 600-Lb Life’s most inspiring stories include:

  • Ann Jeanette Whaley: Weighing 679 pounds at the start of her My 600-Lb Life experience, Ann viewed food she craved as “little pieces of heaven.” Whaley admitted that eating her favorite foods helped her avoid “all the pain of my life.”
    But Ann persisted, losing 274 pounds.
  • Susan Farmer: At 607 pounds, Susan vowed that she was “going to fight.” Farmer decided to undergo a gastric bypass and skin removal surgery.
    Susan’s promise to “do everything I possibly can to get better” proved a winning formula. She lost more than half of her body weight.
  • Sarah Neely: My 600-Lb Life showed Sarah weighing 642 pounds as she began her time on the show. Neely worked hard to qualify for weight-loss surgery.
    As a result, Susan lost 260 pounds. She has continued her weight loss efforts. And Neely wrote that the experience was worth it.
    “I was in such a dark spot exactly a year ago today and some. I’m in the light now. I’m so grateful for the people in my life,” she said.

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