OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Busby Praises Adam After Vacay

OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Busby Praises Adam After VacayOutDaughtered fans heard that Danielle Busby took time for a vacay in Michigan with her best friends. She went away for five days and left the kids with Adam who looked after them in her absence. Now she returned, she spoke about her trip away and she also praised Adam for being such a great dad.

OutDaughtered – Danielle Busby Arrived Back In Time To Fetch Blayke

When Danielle went away for her vacay, she seemed very excited about it. Before she went, she laid out the clothes and organized things so Adam didn’t have too much to worry about. However, perhaps she didn’t pre-cook dozens of meals as the kids went out with their dad quite a lot. He revealed that they all ate crawfish at a restaurant. Actually, fans seemed surprised that the kids didn’t get gumbo all over their clothes.

The OutDaughtered mom shared some photos of herself in Michigan and she obviously enjoyed the quiet rural setting. One of them revealed her brushing a cute donkey. Many TLC fans agreed that taking some girl time with friends is the best thing ever. After all, she went through some fears about her health and stressed a lot. Plus, she just finished filming for Season 8, which makes her days even busier. Danielle arrived home in Texas on Friday, just in time to fetch Blayke from school.

Plans For The Weekend, Praises For Adam

The OutDaughtered mom took to her Instagram Stories on April 30 and post up a series of clips. They revealed her with some of the quints and she explained that she was on her way to collect Blayke from school. Danielle also noted that this vacay was the longest time she ever spent away from the kids and Adam. Previously, she only stayed away two nights at the most. So, while she enjoyed the “much-needed” relax time with her besties, it felt “strange.” After she “missed” her little girls so much.

The OutDaughtered quints all agreed that they missed their mommy. This weekend, Danielle said they plan something as a family. However, the weather in Texas isn’t all that great at the moment. So, she said they might just stay home, chill, and do some activities in the house. It sounds like she looks forward to some time with the family now. She also took the time to praise Adam. Danielle said that he did a great job being a single parent during her absence.

Missed The Kisses And Cuddles

The OutDaughtered mom seems keen on staying in because it gives her girls plenty of opportunities to just cuddle up for kisses on the couch. However, if the family ventures out, we’ll keep a sharp eye for it so fans can also share the Busby family’s weekend activities.

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