Return to Amish Spoilers: Jeremiah Raber Finally Meeting Family and Friends

Return to Amish Spoilers: Jeremiah Raber Finally Meeting Family and FriendsReturn to Amish spoilers and updates reveal that Jeremiah Raber is finally meeting his friends and family. In the last episode, he finally got the important DNA test results. He got some bad news about Dennis and he found out that he is not his father after all. Dennis continues to be there for him even though they are not related by blood. Viewers were very excited to see him treating Jeremiah this way after he took the time to try to find him.

Return to Amish Spoilers – Jeremiah’s Story of Family

Jeremiah was adopted and he has always been concerned about who his family was. He has been trying for a long time to find out who they are and if they wanted to meet him. He was brokenhearted by the fact that Dennis is not his biological father. Dennis’ reaction really did impress fans of the show and we were happy to hear that Dennis said he will treat him like his own son no matter what.

On Facebook, Return to Amish cast member Jeremiah decided to go Live with Dennis and they shared some time together grilling and just hanging out. About 900 of his fans watched the two men together on Facebook and they told Dennis that he has been Jeremiah’s angel through all of this. The men seem to get along very well and have a bond like no other now.

Return to Amish Updates – Friends and More Family

Jeremiah is doing his best to find everyone in his biological family. He posted a picture of his brother and told his fans that he was also adopted by an Amish family. He mentioned that this brother left the Amish world much sooner than he did to try and find out what was in the English world. Jeremiah has also been trying to get back in touch with Abe and Rebecca Schmucker.

Abe and Rebecca were on the first season of Breaking Amish and they were in one spinoff of Return to Amish with Jeremiah. They do not post very often on social media, but Jeremiah reaches out to them and they are raising their daughters in Pennsylvania.

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