Return To Amish Spoilers: Maureen Agonizes Over Leaving The Amish

Return To Amish Spoilers: Maureen Agonizes Over Leaving The AmishReturn To Amish spoilers revealed that Maureen’s clearly besotted with Danny, the ex-Amish Taxi driver. However, he wants her to leave the Amish and join him in English. So, she faces a very difficult decision as she knows that the Amish shun her if she goes. So, she doesn’t want her mom to cut her off. Clearly, she’s also very worried about her future outside of the community. Taking to social media, fans reacted to her dilemma.

Return To Amish Spoilers Reveal Maureen Under Pressure By Danny

In Season 6 of the TLC show, Danny literally told Maureen that he left and went English and he can’t see a long-term future for them unless she also leaves. Of course, she struggles with the whole idea of leaving and she experiences a lot of uncertainty about her future outside her community. Firstly, she fears that her mom will shun her. Secondly, she worries about getting a job and making friends. After all, she knows little to nothing about the outside world.

Agreed, the Return To Amish spoilers showed that she briefly explored the outside world when Danny drove her and Rosanna to Florida, but that’s not the same as making the jump completely. Additionally, she really might struggle with doing something to earn a living in the English world. Recall, fans also saw that she seems very ignorant about life. In fact, her GED assessment revealed her almost complete ignorance of the history of English.

Danny reassured Maureen That Her Mom Would Come Around

Return To Amish spoilers revealed that Danny told Maureen that eventually, her mom would accept her moving from Amish. He told her that his own parents took two years, but it happened. Meanwhile, she got a bad reaction from her mom who told her that she’s just like her own daddy who abandoned her as a baby.

Return To Amish spoilers came out in a teaser ahead of the show on Monday night. In the comments section on Instagram, one fan told Maureen, “Maureen girl your not missing anything in the english world trust me..its not all that its cracked up to be., (sic)”

Return To Amish Spoilers: Maureen Agonizes Over Leaving The Amish

Then, another fan commented, “She shouldn’t have to choose… She is such a sweet girl💕.” Despite poor Danny needing to see a dentist, Maureen looks beyond that. The fan added, “[it’s] a love I hope to experience one day.”

More Reactions From Fans

Another fan gave Maureen some advice, saying, “What about your happiness? Sometimes we have to make decisions where we [lose] family but in the end, you put yourself first and that’s important. You can’t live the rest of your life pleasing others like your family.”

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