Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder Admits Things About His Personality

Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder Admits His Things About His PersonalityThe Winders from the Seeking Sister Wife reality franchise are surely capturing the hearts of TLC fans and lovers. Well, the sudden massive love for them has to do with how displeased people are with how Garrick Merrifield is approaching the polygamous lifestyle. In addition, the rumored abuse against Dimitri and Ashley Snowden probably isn’t helping their popularity recently. From the looks of his most recent social media post, Colton Winder may be surprised that so many people are tuning in each day to watch his adorable family on the TLC channel.

Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder and his family are becoming show favorites

Colton Winder from the seeking sister wife show is a polygamist, married to Tami and Sophie. In the most recent episode of Seeking Sister Wife, fans got to see Sophie’s journey on her first birth. Not only do the new parents, Colton and Sophie, ecstatic about the birth, but sister-wife, Tami is remarkably supportive of the newest addition in the family.

From the fan’s view, they believe there is a dynamic storyline about this family and they seemingly approve of their union and enjoy watching them on the screens. As a fact, the Winders are practicing polygamy for the right reasons.

About Tami Winder

Tami Winder is Colton’s first wife. The couple has been married for 8 years, and they have a child together. She works part-time but the job she loves most is being a mom.

About Sophie Winder

Sophie Winder is Colton’s second wife. The couple has been married for over a year and recently had a child together. She works a full-time job, and she as well as a Midwifery apprentice. In her free time, she spends it helping her husband on their farm, or with her co-wife Tami.

About the Winders religion

Of all the families TLC channels feature over the week, it seems most apparent that the Winders are a part of this controversial lifestyle for religious reasons. Colton Winder confirmed the controversies in his most recent Instagram post. He acknowledged to fans that he has “religious zeal. “However, some people may prefer to call it “fanaticism.”

Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder Admits His Things About His Personality

‘I’m far from perfect’- Polygamous husband hysterically explains his flaws. In his brutal, yet hysterical post, Tami and Sophie’s husband explained his personality on his social media page. In his words, “In all seriousness, I know that my personality is drier than a hot popcorn fart, and my voice sounds weird, and I’m uncomfortably flat. Most people find me unattractive. Some think I’m effeminate. I’m well aware that many think I’m a creep. I’m sure quite a bit of the criticism is warranted. I’m far from being perfect, and I’ll be the first to acknowledge that. Hell, I’ll be the first to laugh about it.”

For now, we likely cannot tell his many reasons for penning this lengthy message on his social media platform. On the other hand, it could just be due to the disapproval – some people have towards his lifestyle. But whatever the case, it is pretty difficult to tell if he is being sarcastic or sincere in what he wrote down.

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