Seeking Sister Wife: Is Colton Winder A Pharmacist Or A Farm Assist?

Seeking Sister Wife: Is Colton Winder A Pharmacist Or A Farm Assist?Seeking Sister Wife brings back Colton Winder and his family. This time around, Sophie, Tami, and her husband consider bringing in a new wife, Kimberley. Fans saw her on the show and she seems a nice normal young person. Well, fans now talk about Colton’s job. Is he really a pharmacist or is he a farm assist worker? Fans tried to obtain some clarity in a funny exchange in the comments section of an Instagram post this week.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Love Colton Winder And His family

Some TLC fans love Tami and Sophie and they seem very happy that little Ephraim by mom Sophie joined the family. He’s really sweet and that makes for a family of four with Sadie, Tami’s daughter. However, some fans think that their husband seems like a creep with no sense of humor. Nevertheless, other fans really love the whole family and find Colton rather funny. After all, he seemed very funny when he talked about being “drier than a hot popcorn fart.”

As the Seeking Sister Wife dad clearly has a sense of humor, he might find a discussion on a family Instagram post very amusing. Certainly, their fans laughed. The post never revealed much about his job, except for some animals and alfalfa in the background. In the photo, Colton stood with Tami and Sophie, and his son. The caption read, “Chore time is a good time when you’re with people you love!”

Pharmacist or farm assist?

In the comments section, one fan loves the family so much they asked about joining the Seeking Sister Wife family. They wrote, “Where can I apply to y’all’s sister wife 😭❤️ super genuine folks.” However, talk turned towards Colton’s job when someone mentioned his livestock looks healthy. One fan wrote, “(I’m sorry I’m advance for my stupid question) So this is semi embarrassing to ask but I have to settle this disagreement with my husband.” They talked about how in the first season of the show “Colton said he was a pharmacist.”

Actually, on Facebook last year, the family also talked about it. Well, it turned out that the fan and her husband talked about Colton’s job. and she told her husband that he’s “a pharmacist.” Probably as fans see so much of them around livestock, the husband disagreed and said, “he’s a farm-assist lol like farm assistant.” So, the fan asked Colton directly, “Colton are you a pharmacist…or a farm- assist like my husband (🙄) insists 😂😂.”

Seeking Sister Wife: Is Colton Winder A Pharmacist Or A Farm Assist?

Fans react with laughter about the question

The Seeking Sister Wife star didn’t reply to the question, but other fans joined the discussion. One of them took a bit of time to figure out the similarities between the pronunciation of pharmacist and farm assist. When they got it, they said, “It took me a minute but that is hilarious!!!!!!!!”

Another TLC fan commented, “I didn’t even know he was a pharmacist. But for hubby to say he’s not, but that he actually is a farm assist just had me DYING LAUGHING. 🤣 either way, he does both. Lmao. So y’all are both right 🤣.”

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  2. KD says

    I just started SSW on season 2. Is Colton for real? He seems like a cartoon character from South Park. Obviously Sophie is not the only family member that is “in the closet”. Having several wives will not make you straight dude. JS

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