Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Tayler Supporting Christeline Petersen Through Difficult Time

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Tayler Supporting Christeline Petersen Through Difficult Time
Seeking Sister Wives Stars Accused of Domestic Violence by Potential Sister Wife Who Starred on TLC show

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that the Snowdens are having a very complicated time right now. With the domestic abuse allegations that were filed against Dimitri Snowden by Christeline Petersen, their world has pretty much been turned upside down.

Christeline Gets Support

Christeline has been part of the Snowdens’ lives for quite some time, but after spending time with them, she filed a restraining order against Dimitri and has made claims that he was physically violent toward her. Their other girlfriend, Tayler Monique is sticking by Christeline’s side through all of this though.

It seems that Christeline and Tayler both moved in with the Snowdens to become their sister wives. Tayler wanted to stay with the couple in California and she opted to not return to her home in Georgia. She wanted to get the process moving on being their wife. Christeline had to approve of her though. The women have become very close since they first met and Christeline thought that she would be a great addition to the marriage.

Social Media Deletes and Changes

Ever since the news broke about Dimitri’s abusive personality, he has deleted social media altogether. He has talked about his mental health issues before, but now fans think that there is something else going on that he hasn’t told fans. Could it be the violence against his wives?

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Tayler Supporting Christeline Petersen Through Difficult Time

With all of the drama going on, Tayler still is active on social media and she even posted a picture of her with Dimitri just a few weeks ago. Fans were not exactly sure if the photo was for a promotional piece or if it was recent. There was no time stamp on it, so we cannot be sure. All we know is that it seems like she is keeping with NDA and not posting too much about the incident.

Seeking Sister Wife took a small break from TLC for the week, but it will be back and we hope to learn more about the Snowdens.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Seeking Sister Wife right now. Come back here often for Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Lynda says

    This show, Seeking Sister Wife is sick in every way…From the weird Snowden family and controversy to the horrible pain inflicted on Danielle by her manipulative, perverted needs is heartbreaking to watch…Garrick is a liar and so is Roberta…those are going to fall and fall hard…Danielle will be grateful to NOT be legally married to a piece of crap like Garrick one day….Roberta is just a common “dirty Bertie” who will sell soul to the devil to be in this Country….Garrick is just weird enough to think she really wants him!!!! As for the Snowdens…I believe every word those women are saying…that jackass Dimitri and his cohort Ashley are just sick human beings…Ive stopped watching TLC just because they seem to not care that people are getting hurt by their own sick decisions!

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