Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Winder Family Shares Plural Marriage Secrets

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Winder Family Shares Plural Marriage SecretsSeeking Sister Wife spoilers and updates reveal that viewers really want to know how the Winders made their plural marriage work. As we have watched them on the show, we have seen that they are one of the most authentic families on the show. Their plural marriage clearly is working and we want to know just how they do it.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers – Colton Winder Wants Wife Number Three

Colton has really been looking for a new wife to add to the family. He told cameras that he needs to feel a connection with his new wife and be able to commit to her before intimacy is even in the question. This is why he wants to be sure that they find the right wife to join them.

Colton and Tami Winder married Sophie about a year ago. Tami has a daughter with Colton, but the wives don’t live in the same home with Colton. Sophie knew that she wanted to live away from Tami, but she still wanted to share Colton with her. Sophie has now had a child with Colton, but now it looks like the family needs to make big changes.

Seeking Sister Wife Updates – Will They Find Another Wife?

There is one woman that the Winder family has met and her name is Kimberly. She seems like she will fit in great with them. Kimberly wanted to visit the family in Utah, but when COVID hit, the plans got switched up a bit. Colton told the women that if Kimberly did show up, it was just God’s will. Luckily, she showed up in the last episode.

The family opened up on Instagram about plural marriage. They wrote, “Almost two years ago, we wrote a post on our family blog about our views on courting. Given what’s currently occurring on the timeline of the show, we thought it might be good for us to share it again. To sum it up, consent is vital, and making sure your husband’s honor can’t be impugned is critical.”

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