Sister Wives Spoiler: Kody Brown’s End Game, Get Rid Of Some Wives?

Sister Wives Spoiler: Kody Brown's End Game, Get Rid Of Some Wives?Sister Wives first seemed like just another of TLC’s “meet our family” shows. But then viewers got to really know the Brown family.

Kody Brown has shown that he’s not exactly the typical dad, breadwinner, and husband. Sister Wives has also introduced us to four very different women who share the same title: Wife to Kody.

These wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn) have given Kody 18 children. And as Sister Wives has shown, this unusual family arrangement has resulted in challenges for the polygamist household.

After more than 150 episodes, viewers now are wondering if Kody is seeking a dramatic change in his family’s structure. Has Brown been deliberately rude to certain wives in an effort to free up some of his time? Learn more below.

Sister Wives Patriarch Kody Brown Focused on Robyn?

Social media followers of the Sister Wives clan are increasingly questioning the relationship between Kody and Robyn. The rumors around that partnership began when Kody chose to divorce first wife Meri Brown in order to tie the knot with fourth wife Robyn.

Roby and Kody have sought to downplay the divorce and subsequent marriage. But as Sister Wives has shown, the other wives, particularly, Meri, seem to disagree with the implications of that divorce.

Add in Kody’s and Robyn’s Hawaiian vacation and, amid the pandemic, Brown’s focus on his fourth wife, and you’ve got the makings of a “wait, does Kody WANT to be monogamous suddenly” brouhaha.

As one Reddit Sister Wives skeptic wrote, “Who else thinks Kody is increasingly emotionally abusive to the first three wives so they will leave him, and he’ll be free to be in a monogamous relationship with Robyn?”

Kody’s critic pointed out, “It’s like he CAN’T break up with them so instead he’ll drive them to do it for him.” Whether true or false, other Sister Wives fans have noted that Kody does seem to be deliberately excluding certain wives while focusing on others.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown: In Or Out Of Kody’s Inner Circle?

But some Sister Wives fans are disputing the theory that Kody wants to become monogamous. Instead, these TLC show viewers theorize that Brown has decided to simplify his life by separating (either officially or unofficially) from at least one or two of his wives.

And that theory circles around to Sister Wives stars Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown.

Kody and Christine have increasingly seemed separated, note some social media commentators.

But will that lead to a legal separation?

“I doubt it. He has pretty much only been married to Robyn since Vegas,” argued one Sister Wives viewer.

And because Christine and Kody are not legally wed, he may continue to spend enough time with her to keep Christine on the show. But not everyone agrees.

Several points indicate that both Kody and Christine might be heading for a split:

  • The way that Kody treats her children versus the way he treats Robyn’s offspring could cause Christine to exit, say some viewers.
  • Christine’s mother went through a separation, and Christine may use her as a role model.
  • In terms of how Kody spends his time, some think he’s spending less time with Christine.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Deliberately Rude to Meri Brown?

Where does that leave Meri Brown? Kody has served up slams that cause some to wonder if he’s headed for a split.

For example, on a recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Meri headed out for a supposed celebration of their wedding anniversary. But Meri rained on that not-so-celebratory parade.

“Here we are, celebrating our non-anniversary because we’re not a couple, but we’re a family,” said Meri, adding, “You and I have not been out together since last year’s anniversary, which is fine. It is it what it is.”

Kody didn’t let that “it is what it is” statement alone. He told the Sister Wives cameras that he’s not sure if Meri still loves him. And in a shockingly rude comment, Kody even questioned whether his wife was “lonely for anything.” Ouch.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Wanting Out After Kody Is Unkind?

As for Janelle Brown, her slams of Christine desiring to move to Utah may have troubled Kody. Brown likes to give the impression that all his wives get along.

But does Janelle want to leave Kody? She has hinted that Kody isn’t always kind to her.

Janelle even admitted that she sometimes complains about her husband to Christine.

“Sometimes I’ll call and say, ‘I don’t like your husband today,’ or something, to Christine,” confessed Janelle. “But it’s not a dish session, because you can circle the drain. That can get really toxic. I try not to feed that, because it’s not a healthy headspace.”

Ultimately, while Kody may not openly choose to split from any of his wives, Sister Wives future episodes could show trouble in polygamy paradise. Who will stay and who will leave?

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  1. Barbara Evans says

    I think it’s a disgrace the Bible says one man and one woman they’re not going to have a special place in heaven the show makes me sick these women are crazy he is nothing but a trog He is ugly there’s nothing handsome about him he is a sick man and they are sick women

  2. Paula y says

    Kody is an asshole they should all leave him

  3. Pamela Holloway says

    Kody Brown is an idiot! He’s a joke n needs to be taught a lesson. He wants his cake n eat it too. It’s all about the fame n nothing about his family. I think the “wives” are wising up n hopefully won’t take his shit much longer. Ain’t no way a man can take care of four wives much less 18 children. Can’t be done or takes a very big n strong man to do it. I don’t think it goes along with the Bible (that’s just my opinion). I don’t think God wants anybody to fornicate the way he has. I don’t blame the wives, I’d be upset too if I had to watch my man go to a different bedroom with a different “wife” every night. The wives need a show of their own n leave King Kody out of the equation. Like I said, my opinion on the subject.

  4. Pamela Wisdom says

    Ladies, let’s get real about this. Other than his marriage to Robyn, the others really have no claim on Kody because those marriages are not LEGAL. He’s playin’ a game with the other “wives”. The real losers in the game are the children. Kody is pretty much an absent father; at least he is a distant father. Kody is a user/abuser & his first 3 “wives” need to kick him out of their lives. Meri, I’m sorry. He did you wrong. I know you thought you were bein’ selfless when you agreed to the divorce so he could legally marry Robyn. Had it been me, I would’ve fought a divorce tooth & nail & if he was successful in obtainin’ one, I would’ve made sure he had NOTHIN’ left for Robyn.

  5. Arloa says

    I give the women credit in raising such nice children. I imagine this has to
    be hard on them, reading and hearing such comments.

  6. Frances Chesebro says

    Kody is nothing but a male wore you ladies need to leave the as….hole

  7. Asjjmey says

    I think it is a disgrace the way Kody treats Meri. I remember one anniversary when Kody and Meri went out to dinner and the conversation transpired regarding IVF treatment so Meri could have another child. Kody quickly put that down and proceeded to tell Meri he did not want anymore children. He then went and had one or two more children with Robyn. Meri was tricked into divorcing Kody. Robyn has become his favorite and I would not be surprised if he didn’t force the others to leave. I hope the ladies leave him and find true love and happiness

  8. Luana says

    I can’t stand Cody. He’s absolutely so self-centered. He is a user And he is an abuser emotionally in every way. The women need to get self-worth. Can they see themselves growing old with this man and they look back on their life and it’s too late to turn around and try to find someone who will truly love them. I don’t think any of them have experienced true love and This is all so sad to have these children caught up in a fantasy world. Run!!!

  9. Sherry Eckes says

    I think Kody is a complete jackass and Robyn thinks she knows everything! She makes my skin crawl every time she opens her mouth thinking she has the answer to everything! Ever since she got Kody to support her kids and leave Mari you could see she was like I nailed him from her! What a BITCH and Kody can’t keep his dick in his pants around her! Oh and the bitch wants another baby!! Who’s supporting these people? Is the bum working or are the kid’s supporting their mother, god knows he isn’t! Dirt bag!

    My opinion!!

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