Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine And Janelle Brown Headed For Heartbreak With House Sale?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine And Janelle Brown Headed For Heartbreak With House Sale?Followers of Sister Wives stars Kody Brown, Christine, Janelle, Robyn, and Meri often prove their devotion by staying up to date on off-screen news as well as the show. As a result, news of a house sale resulted in dire predictions!

Read on to find out whose house is being sold. And discover what it could mean for Kody Brown’s wives Christine and Janelle in particular. 

Sister Wives House Sale: What Does It Mean? 

Sister Wives fans recently heard rumors of a house sale. But speculation varied as to which of Kody Brown’s wives might be affected.

Finally, some of the rumors got confirmed by In Touch. Read on to discover the facts and reality versus rumors:

  • Fact: The Arizona rental home owned by Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is now for sale.
  • Rumor: Some or all of the Sister Wives stars might move to Coyote Pass.
  • Reality: The property owned by Janelle consist of three bathrooms and five bedrooms.
  • Fact: The rental home went up for sale at $699,000 as of May 24.
  • Reality: Sister Wives star Janelle lives in the home with three of her children: Garrison, 22, Gabe, 20, and Savannah, 16.
  • Rumor: Janelle’s other offspring (Logan, 27, Maddie, 25, and Hunter, 24) plan to stay in their own places and do not want to move back. 

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine And Janelle Brown Headed For Heartbreak With House Sale?

Sister Wives Stars Live In Separate Homes: Sale To Change?

Sister Wives fans have often wondered why the entire clan doesn’t move to one huge mansion. Could the sale of Janelle Brown’s home lead Kody’s wives in that direction?

Thus far, Sister Wives viewers know that Meri, Christine, Robyn and Janelle reside in four different houses. Plans at one point called for Kody to build brand-new homes for a huge plot of land known as Coyote Pass.

But reportedly Kody has not filed for new building permits on the land parcels her owns. That lack of construction combined with the house sale may offer a clue about a big change for the Sister Wives themselves.

Could two of the wives end up in the same home?

Sister Wives Stars Janelle and Christine Brown To Move Into One Home?

Some Sister Wives fans have speculated that the house sale could turn into heartbreak for both Janelle and Christine if Kody decides to experiment by having them live in one home. 

In previous episodes, Kody has admitted that he recognizes the challenges of one home for all four wives: “Privacy.” But that admission may not stop him from pressuring Janelle and Christine after the house sale to move into one home. 

What could such a move mean? Heartbreak, as we saw in Sister Wives Season 14, Episode 7. 

Titled “Why Not One House?,” the episode shows Kody staying true to his vision of all his wives and kids in a single house. Even though his wives did not agree at that time, the upcoming house sale could give Kody the ammunition he needs. 

But will Christine and Janelle be willing to sacrifice their privacy and potentially hurt emotionally at getting pushed into one home? Such a move would make Robyn stand out even more as the “winning” wife. It’s looking like trouble in polygamy paradise!

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