Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Robyn Get A Double Honeymoon With Kody Brown?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Robyn Get A Double Honeymoon With Kody Brown?Fans of the TLC series, Sister Wives, witnessed the dramatic change in the harmony of the Brown family when the head, Kody Brown, divorced his first wife, Meri, in 2014. He did the act because he not only wanted to legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn but also adopt her four kids as well.

At the time, the three wives said they were ok with the legal divorce proceedings, as they were all married to Kody spiritually. However, Meri didn’t take too kindly to the divorce deep down in her. It leads to her having an extramarital affair which was later revealed in the episode of the awful catfishing incident.

Many Sister Wives fans believed that the divorce favored Kody and Robyn the most, as they went on a romantic honeymoon to the Hawaiian Islands days after their wedding ceremony. The fans of the TLC show referred to the honeymoon as being the second one that Robyn will go to with Kody.

Robyn’s “Second” Honeymoon

Sister Wives fans did not get to watch the filming of Kody and Robyn on the “second” honeymoon, though she confirmed it happened on Twitter in 2015. During the question and answer session on Twitter, the Sister Wives star said the first Hawaiian trip she went on happened in October, months before she legally got married to Kody.

According to her, the trip was not her honeymoon but a personal gift to celebrate her birthday, which she paid for by saving money meant for groceries. She further added that fans did not get to see the other three wives go on trips with Kody because none of the trips were part of the production.

She referred to the Mexico vacation that Meri had with Kody by saying that she and her kids had never been to Mexico. Fans will recall that the Mexico trip by Meri and Kody was filmed when the first season of Sister Wives premiered in 2010.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Robyn Get A Double Honeymoon With Kody Brown?

Kody Explained The Reason For The Legal Divorce In 2014

The legal marriage of Kody and Robyn was not shown on Sister Wives until 2015 during season 9. Before the airing of the wedding ceremony, fans will recall that Kody did explain why he had to divorce his first wife, Meri, in December of 2014.

Kody wanted the divorce to be nothing more than a legal formality, as it was an important move towards adopting Robyn’s four kids. Kody and Robyn celebrate their wedding anniversary on the day they got spiritually married and not when they were married legally.

Though the Brown family sought to treat divorce and marriage as trivial issues, it was easier said than done. When the news of the divorce made it to the public space, Meri thought about leaving Kody and the Sister Wives cast.

Robyn did actually go on her only wedding honeymoon with Kody to San Diego, California, after their spiritual wedding in 2010. They spent 11 days, which made his other wives jealous.

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