Sister Wives Spoilers: Logan Brown and Axel Brush Have Many Similarities

Sister Wives Spoilers: Logan Brown and Axel Brush Have Many SimilaritiesSister Wives spoilers reveal that some fans think that Logan Brown and Axel Brush have some crazy similarities. Logan is Janelle’s oldest son and his nephew, Axel has started to look so much like him. Maddie Brown loves to compare her son to his uncle and she hopes that he is as successful.

Logan’s Story

Logan hasn’t been on Sister Wives as much as the other Brown children. He decided that he didn’t want to stay on the show and focus on school and his career. Logan recently graduated from UNLV with his MBA and his mother, Janelle, praised him on her social media accounts. She also posted that he is now working as an “executive director of a student-run venture capital firm.”

Maddie is Logan’s sister and as Axel has started to grow up, he has started to look a lot more like him. It seems that these two may actually have more in common than just their looks. Fans have started to dig deep to see just what similarities there are.

Their Common Traits

Maddie wanted to share some pictures of Axel with her fans this past week. He had his fourth birthday and she wanted to show him off. He is growing bigger and bigger everyday and she is so proud of him. The pictures show him looking so adorable and happy. Then Janelle posted pictures of his party too. She took some great pictures and captioned them, “Happy 4th birthday to my first grand-baby, Axel. The little boy who quickly stole my heart and made me a grandma. How, I love you!”

Sister Wives Spoilers: Logan Brown and Axel Brush Have Many Similarities

Logan and Axel have very similar facial features and even the baby pictures of Logan that Janelle has shared look a lot like Axel. Their hair and eyes are started to look more and more alike and fans think that they have a lot of the same mannerisms as well. You can check out Janelle and Maddie’s Instagram accounts to see these common traits.

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