Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Is Moving On

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Is Moving OnSister Wives spoilers and updates tease that Meri Brown is the first wife of Kody Brown, they were legally married from 1990 to 2014. Kody actually divorced Meri to marry Robyn and accept her three children into their marriage.

Meri was ok with transitioning into a polygamist life because her father has five wives and she has 25 brothers and sisters. “It’s an end of something that we had had, in a way, for 24-and a half years. But at the same time, I know it’s not, because I have eternity with him; I have an eternity with the family. I know it’s not the end.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Is Moving On And Making Her Own Happiness

Slowly we have seen Meri become unimportant in Kody’s life. Fans were not happy about this happening because she was the first wife and fans really like her a lot. Kody not giving her favor has not slowed Meri down. She works for a clothing company called LuLaRue and sells clothes on Facebook. She also runs a business that was built by her great grandparents in 1870, a bed and breakfast called Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Meri a strong and independent woman and has made it clear to her fans that she “doesn’t need anyone” to make her happy. Kody made it perfectly clear that he has no intention of sleeping with Meri again EVER, and that there is no spark left in the relationship, “I’m looking for sparks. Something that initiates some form of desire for a relationship with each other.”

And he continued to say that sparks have not been there for years. Kody’s insensitivity has no bounds, he said this just after Meri organized a celebration for their 30th wedding anniversary. Meri kept her head held up high and forged forward. Kody clearly doesn’t care about Meri; if there was no spark, he should have kept his comments private, between he and Meri.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Is Moving On

Sister Wives Updates – Meri Brown Is All About The Positivity

There seems to be nothing that is going to keep Meri down. On social media, Meri has been uber positive, “Wear yellow if needed. Do something for others. It often helps,” and “Enclose yourself with the people who share your brilliance!,” and “Be the one who, knowingly or unknowingly, brings brilliance to others.

You never know what someone needs or who they need. Be that person for yourself. Please shine brightly! sparkling!” Fans of Sister Wives and Meri have been urging her to leave Kody for over a year now and it’s nice to see her concentrate on her success, her life and herself. Who knows if she actually one day sever her ties but at least she is taking responsibility for her own happiness.

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  1. Darlene says

    I wish this awesome woman all the best. She deserves so much better than to be treated as disposable by Kody. The sky is limit with all she has going for her.

  2. Brenda Goodwin says

    I hope Meri goes and fines happiness she deserves it, She deserves a man that’s going to love her for her and not treat her like a piece of trash like Kody’s been doing for a very long time now.Meri is a good lady she is to good for Kody. Theirs a good man out their just for you that will make all your dreams come true its your time now go for it. Sending prays your way.

  3. Ronda says

    Good for you Meri! I wish you only the best in life. You deserve to find happiness and love; unfortunately not from your husband Kody. But, there are other forms of happiness that you will have.

  4. Judi says

    Kody only loves himself and being in the spotlight!! His ego knows no bounds. All his wives should dump him. He’s beneath them….plus his hair makes him look like a clown.

  5. Ruth says

    Marie deserves to move on because she has tried to have a loving relationship with Kody, but he is all for himself, and he is the only one that he truly loves! All of the wives need to move on and find a man who will love them for who they are! I know that it will hurt the kids, but they need to see that Kody is putting himself first in everything!!!

  6. Carla Robbins says

    We love you Meri. You are very open and honest. You deserve a lot better than what Kody is giving. This past season he looked like a real ass to all of his wives. He acts like he doesn’t know what the problem is but he’s sure it’s not him. As a wife to my husband for the last 28 years I can tell you this, he married 4 young girls who were a bit naive as all young girls are. Now those ladies are grown up and have lived very full lives. Not quite as naive as they once were and not as easily drawn in to the BS Kody is serving. I hope you find all the happiness in the world. You deserve it Meri. You will always be my favorite sister wife♥️

  7. Rhonda says

    They all should just leave him and enjoy a better life.

  8. […] Meri went on to say that she knows her mom is around and watching over her every day. Meri says she has several people who helped her mom on her side. Meri trusts that she will have all the help she needs. […]

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