Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown’s Doggos Just Love Her Big Bed

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown's Doggos Just Love Her Big BedSister Wives spoilers and updates reveal fans know that Meri Brown just adores dogs. In fact, she considers herself a doggo grandma and dotes on Mariah’s dogs. Mosby seems to be her real favorite. Not actually Meri’s dogs, they certainly seem as at home with her as they are with their real mom, Mariah. Recently, it seems that Meri takes comfort from dogs being around her. After all, her mom passed away. Plus, Kody seems determined to break her heart.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Adores Doggos

TLC fans knew that for years that Meri adores dogs. In fact, when she first moved to Flagstaff, Mosby visited her there and they enjoyed long walks in the wilderness areas. Sometimes, the little dog even features in the show. When Mariah left and returned to college, her mom clutched her “baby” and looked terribly sad. However, she often takes the two dogs in as temporary guests and that seems to be Kody’s wife’s happy time.

Some outlets speculate that the Sister Wives star probably loves dogs a lot more than Kody. Well, at least they love unconditionally, so why not? In fact, at one stage, Kody decided he didn’t love her and he regretted marrying her in the first place. Every season, TLC fans see Kody saying one thing or another horrid thing about her. Perhaps that’s why she ignored her anniversary this year on social media and shared about “puppy cuddles” instead.

The Dogs Feature In Recent Photos And Vids On Instagram

Sister Wives fans saw that in early March this hear, Meri chatted about Mariah’s dogs. She noted, “If you want unconditional love, get a dog, or two.” Additionally, she talked about how nice it is that her daughter has two dogs. So she gets the best life loving the dogs without all the day-to-day responsibilities. Actually, it also makes sense as Meri travels a lot when the coronavirus isn’t around.

Clearly, the Sister Wives star can’t resist spoiling the pooches sometimes. After all, she’s a “dog grandma.” Sometimes it seems she’d love to be a full-time dog mom as well. Occasionally, she resists the temptation to take one home with her permanently. On last week’s Friday with Friends where she went live, she cuddled a pooch in her lap for the whole duration. Fans loved that the cute pup got some airtime along with her friend, Jen.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown's Doggos Just Love Her Big Bed

Loving The Sister Wives Star’s Bed

On Sunday night, Meri Brown shared a photo in her Instagram Stories. It revealed both dogs sleeping on her big bed. Meri captioned it with, “But is there even a point to making my bed?” She added, “They just kinda dig through the pillows to find a comfy spot anyway.”

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