sMothered Season 3: Has ‘TLC Officially Jumped On The Crazy Train?’

sMothered Season 3: Has ‘TLC Officially Jumped On The Crazy Train?’sMothered Season 3 arrives soon and the premiere comes on May 31, 2021, at 9 pm ET. Fans already saw an early teaser for the show on TLC’s Instagram and they know that three new overly-close duos join some of the old cast members. While some fans seem excited about it, others think that after two seasons of it, they’ve had enough. In fact, one fan suggested that TLC “officially jumped on the crazy train.”

sMothered Season 3 where to watch it, and more

If you never tuned in for Seasons 1 and 2, then you need to know that the show brings moms and their daughters with unusual relationships. In the past, fans saw a mom and daughter who enjoyed going for anal cleansing together. Then, another duo revealed that a mom woke her daughter by licking her face like a puppy. Actually, those two examples make fans feel that sometimes the show borders on being incestuous. At the very least, fans think the duos suffer from serious mental health issues.

Meaww noted where you can watch sMothered Season 3 if you want more weirdness. The show airs on TLC and discovery+. However, if you don’t have cable, you may also find it on “Philo, fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, AT&T TV, and YouTube TV.” Other options include Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple tv. Expect to see just as much craziness as in the first two seasons. In fact, this time, it seems the network found even more extreme duos.

A Fan feels that TLC ‘Officially Jumped On The Crazy Train’

When the network dropped the Mothered Season 3 teaser earlier this month, it revealed a mom doing something suspiciously intimate in the region of her daughter’s behind. Another duo, Lisa and Lauren, have zero boundaries between them. Meanwhile, Karla and Rykia enjoy getting their Brazillian waxing done together. Then, Amy and Carina share a bed and don’t mind swapping their undies.

sMothered Season 3 critics took to the comments section of the teaser on Instagram. There, they complained about these weird people and the increasingly odd folks the network finds. One of them wrote, “Well TLC has officially jumped on the crazy train. Crazier than Charles Manson on your front porch eating fruit loops.”

sMothered Season 3: Has ‘TLC Officially Jumped On The Crazy Train?’

More Critics Seem Displeased With The Show

Other critics mentioned similar sentiments. One of them noted sarcastically, “How does TLC keep finding all these winners?” Then another fan went with “crazy,” saying, “This is beyond crazy.”

More comments rolled in like this one: “TLC… just change your name to FCW – Freaky Cringe Worthy. Just do it already!!” Another comment read, “this is too much. There are boundaries and these moms & daughters push it to the limits.” Nevertheless, most people probably tune in because of the sheer fascination with these dysfunctional families.

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  1. Lilbit says

    This show is simply sick and disgusting!!! TLC should be ashamed to even show this as they are all mentally deranged. I am a subscriber to discovery + and you will never see this in my watch history!!!

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