1000-LB Sisters Fan Give Up On trying To Change Tammy Slaton

1000-LB Sisters Fan Give Up On trying To Change Tammy Slaton1000-LB Sisters fans sometimes think that watching Tammy Slaton is like watching a suicide in slow motion. The TLC star hardly tried with her weight loss efforts in season 1 of the TLC show. Then, in Season 2, she blamed her weight gain on the coronavirus and on her sister Amy. Fans know from social media that she’s been on oxygen, so now they just throw their hands up. It looks like a lot of people just stop trying to reason with her as she smokes.

1000-LB Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Smoking With Ill Health

Fans of the TLC show know that Amy Halterman sometimes smokes weed. At least, that hows it looked back in January. Back then, some random person found a video of Amy smoking some weed. Grabbing it, they then posted it on YouTube. Later, they did the same thing with Tammy. Well, people know that Amy seemed very upset. However, at least she lost weight and tries taking better care of her health. Meanwhile, Tammy just seems totally the opposite.

When 1000-LB Sisters star Tammy Slaton vaped in a video in February, a lot of TLC fans freaked out. After all, she obviously took very deep breathes of it. And no, it wasn’t play-play where she pretended to inhale. Fans grow increasingly concerned as a lot of the time, Tammy appears on her TikTok with her oxygen tubes. Whether she smokes a vape or smokes weed, it can’t be good for her, fans think.

Health Compromised from COVID-19 And Morbid Obesity

Fans know that at one stage, 1000-LB Sisters star Tammy Slaton fell out with Dr. Procter who gave up on her and sent her for therapy. At the time, it seemed she might never qualify for her gastric surgery. Perhaps Season 3 reveals if that ever happened. Fans who see her smoke grow extremely worried. After all, her morbid obesity already might kill her inside of five years. Plus, she probably suffered a compromised chest from the coronavirus. And yet she smokes. So, they plead with her to stop.

When the 1000-LB Sisters star shared another clip of herself smoking on TikTok recently, some fans just lost interest in pleading with her. Tammy looked at the camera as a voice-over said, “quit smoking weed or die in 60 seconds.” Then, when it got to the part about “29 seconds” it says “I’m so excited.” Tammy took a huge puff off what was probably a vape and blew it out.

Tired Of Tammy Not Hearing

1000-LB Sisters fans obviously cautioned her about smoking and several of them mentioned her oxygen. One said that she had “enough problems” already without smoking. But you know what comes through from other fans? It is a sense of surrender. She never listened to anyone in the past. So, why would she listen now?

One fan noted, “At this point, just let her live.” They added, “she knows she doesn’t have long, so [might] as well make the best of it.” Meanwhile, more comments came in suggesting those who still try and reason with Tammy are just wasting their time.

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