1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Slaton Halterman: Did She Break TLC NDA?!

1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Slaton Halterman, Did She Break TLC NDA?!1000-Lb Sisters premiered with a big fat question: Could the two obese stars win their weight loss wars while the camera rolls? 

And viewers lived through the ups and downs of sister stars Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton (whose married name is Amy Halterman) to get to the answer. Well, sort of. 

The first two seasons of 1000-Lb Sisters showed one sister’s success. Through diet and exercise, Amy qualified for weight loss surgery. She even had a baby!

But since season 2 ended, many viewers have wondered whether Amy succeeded in maintaining her weight loss. Would her post-pregnancy life cause her to regain those pounds? 

Now Amy has turned to Instagram to give us the answer! 

1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Slaton Halterman Reveals Her ‘Fat’ To ‘Skinny’ Success on Instagram And Twitter!

Both Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton Halterman have shared their weight loss wars with their followers on Instagram and Twitter. 

As a result, some 1000-Lb Sisters viewers have hoped they would reveal how they are doing with her weight prior to the season 3 premiere. (Although we know that TLC has renewed 1000-Lb Sisters for a third season, the network has not yet revealed the debut date.)

1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Slaton Halterman, Did She Break TLC NDA?!

And recently, both Tammy AND Amy came through to fulfill those wishes! 

But if we gave a prize for the most dramatic changes, Amy would win. While Tammy has shown repeated pics of her face, Amy has gradually revealed more and more of her full body. 

One Instagram post, for example, showed Halterman’s before and after photos

“A lot has changed,” Amy wrote proudly. 

And now, just in case THAT message didn’t get through, Amy has gotten blunt in her captions. 

Halterman has shared multiple Instagram pics emphasizing that she’s gone from “fat” to “skinny,” as she wrote in one caption.

The 1000-Lb Sisters star also posted the photos, with the emphasis on her “fat” to “skinny” journey, on Twitter. 

“Fat Amy retried,” she wrote (note: Amy clearly meant “retired,” but spellcheck may have incorrectly “corrected” her verb!). “It’s skinny Amy now!”

Did Amy Break Her 1000-Lb Sisters NDA Contract With Weight Loss Pics BEFORE Season 3?

But in sharing so many photos and boasting about her “fat to skinny” weight loss, Amy may face issues. Such shows often require  NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).

For example, another weight loss show, The Biggest Loser, was known to require contestants to sign NDA contracts. Those documents are intended to keep viewers coming back, on the premise that having participants share their weight loss before a show airs may cause fewer people to watch. 

We hope that in her excitement to show off her weight loss, Amy hasn’t broken any rules!

In her favor: As several of her followers on Instagram and Twitter noted, the 1000-Lb Sisters star repeatedly uses filters on her face. She could defend herself against any NDA complaints by pointing to the use of filters to keep her total transformation a secret before season 3 premieres!

What will 1000-Lb Sisters reveal when the third season finally begins? We predict that we’ll see Amy seeking to balance her need to continue her diet and fitness with being a good mom to baby Gage. And we hope that Tammy can Amy Slaton finally lose enough weight to qualify for surgery. 

But whatever the episodes unveil, we’ll give you ALL your 1000-Lb Sisters updates and news here! Check back regularly for the latest in Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton Halterman’s adventures. 

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