Counting On Spoilers: Jill Duggar Shocker, She Feeds Her Dogs Breast Milk

 Counting On Spoilers: Jill Duggar Shocker, She Feeds Her Dogs Breast MilkCounting On spoilers reveal that Jill Duggar has been very open about feeding her 2 year old dog breast milk. Some of her fans think that she has lost it, but she thinks that she is helping it to be healthier and happier. Some of her fans think it is a big problem for her to do this, but she sees no issue with it.

Fenna The Rescue Dog

Jill wanted to do something good for animals and she fell in love with Fenna. She is a Belgian Shepherd mix and she is a great dog for Jill. Jill did tell her fans that her first night with them was tough because she cried all night long. Counting On cast member Jill said she prayed on how she could help Fenna, but nothing seemed to work. That is when she ended up getting her a kennel to sleep in and of course, her followers all had something to say.

Fenna is now being trained and Jill has spent a lot of time sharing videos of her work with Fenna. The kids love her, but they are having trouble teaching her not to jump up on them. The kids love playing with her and Jill made it known that Fenna has constant attention. When Jill shared that she gives Fenna frozen breast milk, that is when fans really started to wonder about her.

What’s With The Breast Milk?

Not only is Jill trying to train Fenna and make her be the perfect pet, now it seems that she is giving it frozen breast milk. Jill posted on Instagram that she was feeding Fenna breast milk from the freezer. Many fans asked how long it had been in the freezer and she said it was about a year old. Older breast milk is actually not good for anyone, so many of her fans are concerned that Fenna could get sick from it.

 Counting On Spoilers: Jill Duggar Shocker, She Feeds Her Dogs Breast Milk

What do you think about Fenna getting breast milk to drink? There are a lot of questions about it and we will just have to keep up with Jill to see what she does next with Fenna.

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