Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Which Kardashian Will Compete in Season 30 of DWTS?

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Which Kardashian Will Compete in Season 30 of the Hit Dance Competition?Dancing With the Stars spoilers and updates reveal reveals that a perfect storm of celeb proportions is brewing in the galaxy. You may have heard that the last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs in 2021, and the milestone Season 30 of DWTS drops in 2021.

Do you see where we’re going with DWTS fans? If you guessed that the oddsmakers are predicting a confluence of the two reality shows, touch your nose!

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Is a Kardashian Going to be on Season 30?

As DWTS 30th season approaches, the twitterverse is erupting with speculation about a Kardashian being cast on the dance show.

The next season of Dancing With The Stars airs this fall and no doubt the execs will want to bring only the most VIP of names to the show. What’s that you say, some Kardashians have already been on the show? We say, so what?

That doesn’t mean they can’t return and oh by the way, there are a ton of them anyway. In 2008, Kim Kardashian was on Season 7 of the show when she was partnered with professional Mark Ballas.

Four seasons later Rob Kardashian joined the show and he came in second place with pro dancer Cheryl Burke.

Dancing With the Stars News: Is It Time for a Kardashian to Join DWTS Again?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is ending after 14 years and following a new generation of Kardashi spawned–They are still too young to dance, but their elders are not!

But, some naysayers are throwing out the possibility that the Kardashians have simply gotten too big to be on such a little itty bitty show as DWTS.

The rationale is that when the Kardashians were cast on the show they were still building their brand. Today their brand is everywhere and some conjecture that after their own show everything else is kibble to them.

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Which Kardashian Will Compete in Season 30 of the Hit Dance Competition?

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Are the Kardashians Too Big for DWTS?

There are also rumblings that if a K family member is cast on Dancing With The Stars, they would score an automatic win due to their millions of fans. In light of all this speculation, it seems the peanut gallery is going with Kris Jenner as the most likely family member to be cast. What do you think fans? Are you on board to have a third Kardashian compete on DWTS? Tell us what you think!

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  1. Tara says

    Yes I love if kris Jenner joined dwts season 30 and paired with Shasha. Shasha has not won yet so I hope finally season 30 will be his turn

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