Hazel Busby Skipped Cheer Camp, But Maybe Got The Best Deal

Hazel Bubsy Skipped Cheer Camp, But Maybe Got The Best DealHazel Busby and her sisters from OutDaughtered just got back from Spashway Water Park. While there, fans saw Hazel brave the big slides with her dad. On Monday, June 7, Danielle took to her Instrgam Stories and shared about how the girls went off for cheer camp. She said that Hazel didn’t want to go, so she spent time with her dad at home. But what did they actually do? It sounds very different from what the other kids thought would happen.

Hazel Busby Stayed With Her Dad While Her Sisters Went To Camp

TLC fans know that the OutDaughtered family spent a week at Splashway Water Park. It looks like a busy summer coming up for them. Only just back home, they went off in the car with their mom, Danielle. The TLC star said that they attend cheer camp for the day. Plus, they next go on and spend time at invention camp. Meanwhile church camp comes up for their big sister Blayke. The news came on her Instagram Stories.

While she spoke in the clip, Danielle’s other kids sat in the back of the car. One of them yelled out that Hazel Busby stayed behind with their dad. So, Danielle explained that the kid opted out. She said that work goes on with their pool and their backyard. That’s why it’s best for the kids to get out and about. However, she also noted that Adam and Hazel would work in the yard and do some weeding. In fact, she added at the end, that it doesn’t sound “very exciting.”

Hazel Bubsy Skipped Cheer Camp, But Maybe Got The Best Deal

Adam Comes With A Different Tale To Tell

On his Instagram, Adam shared a photo of himself with Hazel Busby enjoying some coffee and juice. A few other photos and clips followed and there wasn’t a weed in sight. He said in his caption, “We cherish the time we have when we can single one of our kids out. This week happens to be that for Hazel, while her [sisters] are off having fun at a cheerleading camp.” Next, instead of talking about weeding the garden, he added, “We had a full dad date day of fun at @texasentertainmentxperience (and just wait and see what i just lined up for us tomorrow🤫😉.)”

Hazel Busby certainly looked very happy. Meanwhile, on his own Instagram Stories, Adam explained that his red-headed daughter “doesn’t have the same coordination” as the other kids.” So, she doesn’t enjoy cheer camp. Anyway, they ended up going for breakfast. Next, they spent time enjoying all the fun of the Texas Entertainment Xperience. In his stories, his little girl said that she wanted to buy some treats for her sister who went to camp.

Fans Think She’s Very Sweet

One fan of Hazel Busby said in the comments of Adam’s post, “So sweet she brought treats home for her sisters.” Well, Adam replied, and said that she’s “always thinking about others.”

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