Hazel Busby Bravely Overcomes Her Fear On Their Summer Vacation

Hazel Busby Bravely Overcomes Her Fear On Their Summer VacationHazel Busby is easily identified as she has red hair and wears glasses, and seems very cute. TLC fans adore the sweet little kid who smiles so shyly on the camera. Meanwhile, her sister Parker who suffered from anxiety is the tall one. Then, everyone knows Riley with her startling blue eyes and a bossy attitude. The twins, Ava and Lulu often get lumped together as they are not easy to identify. However, most fans think Parker is the only kid who struggles with her fear. It turns out that Hazel also fears a few things. Nevertheless, she overcame her fears and her dad sounds proud of her.

Hazel Busby, Like Her Sister Parker, Bravely Overcame Her Fear

In the last season of OutDaughtered, TLC fans saw that the quint, Parker Kate finally rode a horse. Previously, they vacationed on a ranch and she was way too scared to even try and sit on a pony. You might recall that prior to that, Adam and Danielle Busby took Parker to see a therapist. It came after she suffered terrible anxiety in front of the cameras. In fact, many fans slammed them for making her film her Pre-K evaluation.

Over time, Parker gained control of her anxiety, so OutDaughtered fans celebrated when she bravely mounted a horse last year. Meanwhile, Hazel Busby and her sisters shared a dislike for the Easter Bunny. However, she never experienced the same anxiety levels as Parker. Nevertheless, she’s still a very little girl. But, her heart seems as big as a lion’s. This week, she overcame her fears at Splashway Water Park and her dad loved it.

Splashway Water Park Summer Vacation

If you’re a Busby fan, you know from Instagram that the family currently visits Splashway Water Park near Houston, Texas. Hazel Busby and her sisters, their aunts, and mom and dad, along with cousins enjoy themselves on the slides. In her Instagram Stories, Danielle said that the kids enjoyed the lake, the wave pool, and eating sMores around the campfire. Plenty of photos emerge of everyone enjoying themselves.

When Danielle first shared about the OutDaughtered family on vacation, she talked about the big slides. She told her fans that she and Adam enjoy the place just as much as the kids. Well, Adam revealed that Hazel Busby went on a big slide and he sounded totally proud of his fearless daughter. Actually, he hinted to TLC fans that he might pop up a video of her inside the slide.

The Big Slide Experience for Hazel Busby

Adam shared a photo of himself in the water with Hazel Busby. In his caption, he said, “It took a little bit to work up some courage to ride on the big slides.” However, “Once Hazel went down, it was 10x in a row! Wait until you see the video! Love her little laughs and screams inside the tunnel.”

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