Jessa Duggar REBELS Against ‘Counting On’ Duggars Birth Rules In TWO Ways! [Watch The Video]

Jessa Duggar REBELS Against 'Counting On' Duggars Birth Rules In TWO Ways! [Watch The Video]Reality TV viewers first got to know the Duggars in “19 Kids And Counting.” From stern father Jim Bob Duggar to soft-voiced matriarch Michelle Duggar, the TLC show took us through the gentle ups and downs of a VERY large, religious family.

And we felt that we gradually became familiar with all of those 19 kids. Or did we?

Viewers felt stunned when news broke that oldest son Josh Duggar allegedly molested five young girls. Among them: Several of his sisters.

TLC cancelled “19 Kids And Counting,” then built on the publicity storm by creating a spin-off, “Counting On.” But at least one Duggar, Jessa Duggar, has shown that Mama Michelle’s rule book no longer applies to her.

Find out how Jessa has become the rebel WITH a cause amid the Duggars below, and see the video for how she unveiled  her rebellion!

Duggars’ Rules Revisited: Jessa Duggar Stages Rebellion!

Michelle Duggar has always voiced her views on her daughters’ lives. From dresses to dating, the Duggars family matriarch doesn’t hold back in telling her girls what to do and how to live.

Now Jessa appears to have broken free from those rules in not just one but TWO ways.

Was she always the leader of the rebel pack? Well, no.

When Jessa first got involved with now-husband Ben Seewald, she followed her parents’ rules. That guidance called for a formal “courtship” with Ben, who she met through her church.

Only after nearly a year of courting did Ben and Jessa proclaim their engagement. However, ever since they tied the knot in 2014, the couple has sought to create their own rules for their life.

And with regard to their children’s births, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald don’t hesitate to rebel against the Duggars’ rule-book.

Jessa Duggar REBELS Against 'Counting On' Duggars Birth Rules In TWO Ways! [Watch The Video]

Jessa Duggar DEFIES Michelle Duggar In YouTube Video: Watch!

“Counting On” viewers have noticed that Jessa doesn’t rely on the reality TV world to convey her views. Instead, this Duggar daughter sets aside the “be dutiful” guideline to turn to YouTube!

And as revealed in the video below, Jessa rebels against Michelle’s birth plan rules two times.

First, Jessa asserts that she will NOT unveil the gender of her unborn baby. And second, the not-so-dutiful Duggars daughter refuses to give birth in a home setting. Instead, Jessa plans to have her baby in a hospital.

In her YouTube video, Jessa explained her reasoning.

“Ben and I talked this over a lot and we decided we are going to do a hospital birth this time,” said the “Counting On” star. “So that’ll be different. I’ve had three great home births, no complications with the birth itself, but I have had postpartum hemorrhage two times, with my first and my third. For that reason, we are choosing to do hospital birth so we won’t have to deal with the transport if I end up needing Pitocin.”

Jessa Duggar REBELS Against 'Counting On' Duggars Birth Rules In TWO Ways! [Watch The Video]

What Did Jessa Duggar Do AGAINST Jim Bob And Michelle Duggars Rules?

Beyond giving birth in a hospital rather than at home, as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar believe is right, Jessa refuses to reveal her baby’s gender prior to birth. Sorry, Duggars, but no gender reveal party for you!

As to why the refusal, Jessa also explained her decision to keep the gender a secret.

“We find out the baby’s gender, and keep it a secret, and we surprise our family’s when the baby is born,” she said.

Will Jessa and Ben tell Jim Bob and Michelle first? Umm, no.

Instead, she and her husband plan to inform their children, Henry and Spurgeon, who will then break the news.

“Spurgeon and Henry will be the ones who will get to announce that to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins,” said Jessa.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Counting On right now. Come back here often for Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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