Jinger Duggar Opens Up About Miscarriage in New Book

Jinger Duggar Opens Up About Miscarriage in New BookJinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo recently talked with Fox News about their book, The Hope We Hold. They released their book on May 4, and they have used their social media pages to promote it since. Many Counting On fans have bought the book, read it, and enjoyed getting to know the couple in this way.

In the book, they talk about the ups and downs they’ve faced over the years. They have remained hopeful through it all and are using that positive message to inspire others to do the same.

In their book, they go into more detail about Jinger’s miscarriage. Prior to the book’s launch, the pair did open up about the loss of their second pregnancy between their daughters, Felicity, 2, and Evangeline, 7 months. During the Fox News interview, the pair talked about the tragic loss.

Jinger Duggar gets honest with fans

In the interview, Jinger was asked about her faith, and she said, “I miscarried a baby. It was really, really tough. But in those moments, I see that God carries me through and that is when the rubber really meets the road. You see, it’s not just talking about God and having this understanding from the Bible that’s on paper. You need to know it’s real. You need to feel and see the reality of Christ’s love. He gives us love in those difficult circumstances even if we don’t see it at that moment. But it’s there. I have hope because of Christ. Even with my circumstances, when the world’s turned upside down, everything’s seemingly out of control – there is such peace in my heart.”

Jinger Duggar wants others to know they’re not alone

She was also asked about her decision to share about her loss so openly. They didn’t always intend to share this with the world, but Jinger thought it was important for others going through the same thing to know that they aren’t alone.

Jinger Duggar Opens Up About Miscarriage in New Book

She continued, ” I think when we first walked through the miscarriage, we kept it quiet. Only shared it with a few close friends and family and just kind of walked through that time. It was months later that I actually shared what had taken place publicly. I think for us at that time, we wanted to grieve alone, but not entirely alone. Just a little bit out of the public. I think that was healthy for us.”

Then, she continued, “But I wanted to share about the miscarriage. Since sharing our story, I’ve heard from so many women who experienced the exact same thing. Many of them have not been able to share their experiences with others and haven’t had people to fully understand how difficult it is.”

Fortunately, after her loss, Jinger was able to get pregnant again and everything went smoothly. It looks like Jinger and Jeremy are enjoying life with their two young daughters. It’s unclear if the pair hopes to have another child in the future, but Evangeline is still very young.

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