Married At First Sight Spoilers: Have Eric And Virginia SPLIT?

Married At First Sight: Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that on the “Where Are They Now” episode Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake didn’t look that happy and fans are thinking that the two may be splitsville!

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Are Their Differences Too Much?

Virginia and Lake had an immediate attraction, but a huge age gap and lifestyle differences seemed for the most part to be what was getting into the way with the couple.

On Virginia Coombs’ social media she is only sharing photos of her dog, Rockie, and not Erik Lake’s dog, Tex. Also, according to fans on Reddit, other than photos of Erik’s birthday celebration, there literally has been not been a single story of posts of them together. And, they haven’t liked each other’s Instagram posts, even though they both have an account, and other cast members have.

Whenever Virginia is asked about her relationship with Erik, her response is, “We have our problems but everyone has problems we are so normal we fight a normal amount of fights.” One curious thing though is that Virginia is not following Erik on Instagram, but he is following her – that doesn’t make sense!

Married At First sight Update – Together, Or Not?

Maybe Virginia and Erik are comfortable enough in their relationship that they don’t need to like or post on social media about it. In fact, given the unconventional way that they were married, keeping their relationship private is probably the best thing the two of them could do.

In one of her recent social media posts, she is holding a bowl and you can see that she is in fact still wearing a wedding ring. And, she finally did recently post a photo of Rockie and Tex with the caption, “with the boys.” So it would appear they are still together, but whether happily or not, is anyone’s guess.

Hopefully, they are still together and just don’t care what anything else thinks. What are your thoughts? Do you think Eric and Virginia are still together? Do you think they have enough strength in their relationship to stand the test of time?

Social media doesn’t dictate someone’s relationship and if they are not together, they will announce it when they are ready.

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