Married At First Sight Spoilers: Pastor Cal Comes CLEAN About Chris And Paige – Everything You Need To Know!

Married At First Sight: Pastor Calvin Roberson

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Pastor Calvin Roberson is a Marriage Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Pastor, and breakout Reality TV star. In a recent interview, Pastor Cal gave us his thoughts on the truly “unmatchable” duo of season 20.

Married At First Spoilers – Chris Williams and Paige Banks

Chris and Paige were matched on season 20 of MAFS. Chris told Paige’s friend, Nancy Jo, at the wedding that she wasn’t his usual “trophy” type of wife. Then Chris went on to have sex with Paige three times before telling her that he wasn’t attracted to her. Then, he told her that his ex-fiancé Mercedes was six weeks pregnant with his child. He never moved in with Paige, he told Pastor Cal that he wasn’t attracted to Paige’s “ugly” face, he didn’t move within with her after the honeymoon and toyed with her emotions back and forth, like a yo-yo in the relationship.

Married At First Sight Updates – Pastor Cal Comes Clean

In this recent interview Pastor, Cal was asked about Chris and he said, “Chris has surprised all of us. No way is the person that you see, the person that we saw. We vet people, I don’t know if people know if a lot of people know this, we go through a lot of vetting. Irrespective of what social media might say, we’ve been a lot of times speaking to some of their family, we do the background checks, you can’t really dig deep enough to find out everything about everyone.

The cameras came on Chris and he became this different person. We were pretty surprised and just as pissed as you guys. We vet them for six weeks to a few months. It is not unusual for people to be in relationships and months later apply for MAFS – Chris is not the first person that has done that. Some were still successful and some may be still married. All three of us were just flabbergasted when we found out Chris’s ex was pregnant, we were like “what in the world” there is no way for us to know if someone had sex with someone else.”

When asked about Chris’ saying that Paige was unattractive looking, Pastor Cal said it was infuriating and painful.

Honestly, the first red flag with Chris was when he said “I want a woman who is submissive and a freak.” The three experts should have thrown him out from the get-go.

What do you think of Pastor Cal’s comments about Chris and the vetting process? Do you buy it?

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