Married At First Sight Spoilers: Should Paige Banks Get A Do-Over?

Paige BanksMarried at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that some fans want Paige Banks to get a do-over on MAFS. Paige was pretty much raked through the coals in season 20 of MAFS in being matched with Chris Williams. Not only did Chris tell Paige that he wasn’t attracted to her after having sex with her three times, but he told Pastor Calvin Roberson that her face was unattractive and he got his ex-fiancé pregnant six weeks before he married Paige.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – A Do-Over On MAFS

Some fans want Paige to have a do-over on the reality show, “I wish they would give Paige another opportunity for love. She deserves to have her chance for love. She had a goal and took that leap of faith for love, marriage, and that her God would honor her wishes!”

Others are wondering why Paige would want the same people that picked Chris to hook her up for a second time. Seriously, Pastor Cal did not agree with Paige and Chris being matched together, and Dr. Viviana Coles and Dr. Pepper Schwartz disagreed with him and matched them anyway. MAFS knew that Chris had just got out of an engagement, and it wasn’t his first, and they knew he should not have been cast, but they did it anyway. And, the way Chris treated Paige was disturbing, the level of disrespect Chris had was unimaginable, thankfully, Paige finally walked away from him.

Married At First Sight Updates – Should MAFS Get New Experts?

If they bring in new experts it probably won’t make a big difference, the decisions probably come from production, not the actual experts. Therefore, MAFS would need a complete overhaul if there were going to be a difference in future seasons. Here is what one fan suggested, “This is why the whole show needs to be changed. Instead of a wedding/marriage at first sight the show should have couples meet & move in together and get to know one another. THEN after 8-10 weeks, if they want to marry, throw them a big lavish wedding. The emphasis on the wedding is so stupid.”

What would be great is if MAFS would show fans footage of Chris being interviewed. If Chris did lie and put on a big act it would redeem the show, or maybe not. Once Chris made it to the wedding, he said he wanted a “freak” and “submissive” wife. If Chris was matched with any of the expert’s daughters they would have torn up the application and kicked him to the curb.

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