Married At First Sight Spoilers: Worst Wives Of All Time

Married At First SightMarried at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that not only has there been some bad husband material on the franchise, there has also been bad wife material.

Married at First Sight Spoilers – We Begin With Season 9

Iris Caldwell, a non-profit Program Coordinator was matched with Keith Manley, Mentor/Coach. Fans were really not fond of Iris, she was admittedly a virgin, which is her business, but she just would NOT stop talking about it. One fan said, “she acts like a 12-year-old, throws tantrums, offended by literally everything, and brags about her virginity like it’s a Grammy award. I’m all for saving yourself for marriage but it seems like she had it stuck in her mind that she wasn’t gonna have sex with her husband. She didn’t even try to be intimate and then acted so shocked that he wanted a divorce why claim you’re saving yourself for marriage then when you finally get married you don’t wanna let your virginity go SHE DRIVES ME NUTS!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄,” and another, “Even her own mother was like, Please give it up and stop talking about it already! Momma knew Iris was an overgrown toddler and felt sorry for Keith.” Iris used her virginity as a weapon, she was a complete bore-fest on season 9.

Married At First Sight Updates – Season 10 There Are Two Worst Wives

Katie Conrad, Mental Health Professional was matched with Derek Sherman, Cyber Security Engineer. Just before Katie entered MAFS her ex said he loved her and re-entered the picture. For the most part, on the honeymoon things seems to be going ok, they were actually enjoying each other’s company. The real Katie came out when they got home, she tended to lose her mind over small issues. Derek was a sweetheart and Katie showed fans that she was prepared to crush his dreams, she played the victim and started fights. In fact, Katie would talk down to Derek about his aspirations. She took it so far as to cause a fight over a love letter that he wrote when he was a boy and dreams he held when he was a youngster.

Taylor Dunkin, Research Scientists was matched with Brandon Reid, Sales Manager. Taylor lived for social media. She even made a video about her husband, Brandon’s shortcomings. Some fans think this was the worst and most vile pairing ever. After the show, they met up at a club, they got into a fight and both were arrested. In the end, they both filed for a restraining order against each other. It certainly came off as Taylor wanted to be on the show to get famous. In the end, the two got an annulment and Brandon probably dodged a bullet.

Season 11 – Liar, Liar, Liar

Christina Croce, Flight Attendant was matched with Henry Rodriquez, Clinical Recruiter. Right from the beginning, Christina was flaky, her lies began with where she lived and just catapulted from there. She had some serious issues. She admitted that she was addicted to Adderall and he thought she had an affair when one night, she got all dressed up to the max and went out and didn’t return to sleep at home. But, the worst thing Christina did, she implied that Henry was gay on national TV.

Who do you think the worst Married At First Sight wife was?

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