Married At First Sight Star Pastor Dwight Buckner Goes Viral On Twitter: Here’s Why!

Married At First Sight Star Pastor Dwight Buckner Goes Viral On Twitter: Here's Why!Married At First Sight traditionally stars people willing to go public with their longing to wed. But a new star has emerged on Married At First Sight.

And in contrast to the inevitable backlash or criticism that some Married At First Sight stars seem to garner, Pastor Dwight Bucker primarily has received praise. Ready to meet the man who Twitter turned viral?

Learn all about Pastor Dwight below.

Married At First Sight Turns Pastor Dwight Into A Star

Pastor Dwight Buckner Jr. became famous prior to his appearance on Married At First Sight. On his website, the new Married At First Sight star reveals that he began to “preach and teach God’s word” at age 16.

Raised in the Church of God in Christ from a Pentecostal background, Pastor Dwight graduated from Beulah Heights Bible College in 2007 with a B.A. in Leadership Administration. He became ordained and licensed as a Minister of the Gospel in 2009.

In May of 2012, Pastor Dwight received his Master of Divinity Degree from the Pentecostal Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee. Since then, the father of two with wife Elisa Bennett Buckner has taken on the role as Senior Pastor and Founder of the Generation of Hope Church in Decatur, Ga.

And for Married At First Sight fans, Pastor Dwight’s second book offers insight into his views on what marriage really means. Following his first book, “Breaking The Cycle of Lust,” his second book is entitled: “5 Things Every Man Needs… And Every Woman Should Know About Men.”

What caused Pastor Dwight to take the role on Married At First Sight? The religious leader hopes to help couples understand how to connect before and after marriage.

“Relationships can be difficult, especially when you don’t understand your partner,” points out Pastor Dwight on his site. “Many women are left wondering how do you connect with a difficult man, establish intimacy with a non-communicator, and rebuild trust in your relationship after it’s been torn down?”

As viewers of Married At First Sight saw, the pastor focuses on guiding men and women to understand their emotions and motivations. And as his social media fans noted, Pastor Dwight’s appearance just could become a Married At First Sight game changer.

Twitter And Instagram Love Pastor Dwight

Married At First Sight fans of Pastor Dwight took their praise to Twitter and Instagram. And it didn’t take long before he went viral.

On the social media platform, Married At First Sight viewers applauded the way the show spotlighted Chris’ reluctance with Pastor Dwight’s appearance.


Some on Twitter called Kevin a “GOAT” (translation: Greatest Of All Time) on Married At First Sight for his timing of that moment.

But Kevin faced competition for his Married At First Sight spotlight. As Pastor Dwight’s fans tweeted, the religious leader definitely charmed viewers.

“Bruh. Pastor Dwight is TOO damn fine. Ain’t no way I would go to his church cuz my mind ain’t right and the Lord still working on me,” posted one Twitter fan.

Twitter fans weren’t alone in praising Pastor Dwight. His Instagram followers agreed.

One Instagram fan predicted that Pastor Dwight would earn a Married At First Sight spin-off, writing, “Get your traveling shoes ready Pastor… Can’t wait to see you on your own show.”

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